KSI Interview: KSI R3DRANG3R

KSI ToxicRain sits down with September’s KSI Captain of the Month.

The following was an interview between News Team writer KSI ToxicRain and KSI R3DRANG3R, September 2015’s Captain of the Month.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing KSI R3DRANG3R the General of Hypnos LW, and a recent recipient of Captain of the Month on the AAP section for the month of September!

ToxicRain: Okay Red, thank you so much for your time! How did it feel knowing you won the Captain of the Month award?

To be honest, I was sort of shocked… I worked hard for Hypnos in every aspect I could, but at the time is was difficult because it was just myself and the General doing things for the squad. There were so many deserving Captains nominated and I was certain that one of the others would have been selected for the award. In the end, I was honored to win as well as motivated to becoming General of the month next time!

ToxicRain: That sounds amazing! How do you keep up the positive energy and motivation? What keeps you motivated to becoming and doing better?

Well, I make sure that everything I do is for my squad! I don’t do anything for myself and I love to see the squad flourish! My squad was in a rebuilding phase and I was there to make sure they were happy! That’s where my positive energy and motivation comes from.

ToxicRain: Is there anyone in KSI who has helped you reach where you are today?

Definitely. KSI Ascend 7. He pushed me to continue to be better, no matter how many times you run into adversity, just to continue to have your head high because others will follow in your footsteps. He’s been a huge reason as to why I’m still here today!

ToxicRain: He sounds like a truly remarkable person. I hope to see you continue to do better and grow. If you could give some advice to anyone reading this article, what would it be?

To continue to push through everything. I know times are rough and there will be points when you think “Why is this worth it?” And think back to those days when you got your first recruit, or you got your first promotion, or when you joined KSI. Remember that it’s for fun. You’re here for a reason and you can do anything.

KSI Ascend 7, a Co-Founder in LW, who works closely with KSI R3DRANG3R, had a few thoughts on him.

ToxicRain: What is your experience with R3DRANG3R?

Well he was a general of Samuari. I was general of Hypnos. We worked together on recruiting ideas, and ways to keep the squads active. We came together to decide on ideas to keep squads active and make sure everyone was having fun.

ToxicRain: Red won Captain of the Month for the month of September. How fitting do you think that is?

He took over the HeadHunters team and was active in the Snipe Ops for LW. We created a friendship with DR, and it let us all know that KSI is so much bigger than LW. He helped create opportunities for people to meet others. He is extremely knowledgeable of the forums and when out of his way to help them make accounts and show them where to post. He opened portals for others.

ToxicRain: If you could describe R3DRANG3R in one word, what would it be and why?

Bacardi 151. It’s liquor.

  1. The first reason being is because he’s flammable. As soon as he got to Hypnos, he just killed it. He increased the squad greatly in a short period of time. He’s on fire!
  1. He likes to have fun. He’s not too drunk or too sober like. Every party I’m in with him, he’s the one who’s attentive of others feelings. He’s fun loving, approachable and loves to have fun with everyone.
  1. He cares a lot about KSI. He’s a forums buff. He’s always teaching people about the forums, which isn’t always easy. Hypnos has one of the highest numbers of SGT’s and below on the forums in LW.

There’s nobody else I’d rather take over the squad I helped create.

This is your Captain of the Month for September, KSI R3DRANG3R!

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