VIDEO: Black Ops 3 graphics on Xbox One vs. Xbox 360

Black Ops 3 looks different – very different – depending on the console.

Everyone is aware the Xbox One’s graphics are better than the Xbox 360’s graphics, right? RIGHT?

The folks at Candyland, who focus on gaming graphics, made a video comparing the difference in graphics on the newly released Black Ops 3 when its played on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

From Candyland’s YouTube channel: “Video gaming isn’t all about graphics. But maybe sometimes your eye wants some candy. That’s where Candyland comes into play. We provide great graphics comparisons, analysis and eye candies from all sorts of video- and computer games.”

So, the graphics differences shouldn’t be that different, right? Well, the differences are substantial.

Some of the differences are subtle in the online matchmaking platforms. The lines are more detailed and shadows and effects look a touch better on Xbox One.

However, the real difference occurs in the campaign. Those on Xbox One get vivid light, moving objects in the background, and dynamic displays. Those on Xbox 360 get plain walls, fake-looking rain and poor lighting effects.

What do you think? Did Treyarch intentionally go more simplistic on Xbox 360 or are the confines of the consoles’ graphics abilities the reason behind the difference?

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