Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

KSI OTM: October 2015 Winners

KSI AAP OTM Winners for October 2015 have been announced!

Below is the Winners of Octobers Of The Month Awards!

Senior Leader: KSI Greg 7

Director: KSI Havoc 7

Division Leader: KSIA?Lafayette 7

Co-Division Leader: KSI Collector 7

Founder: KSI Green 7

Co-Founder: KSI Cisco 77

General: KSI Vermillion98

Captain: KSI Kara

Lieutenant:A?KSI H3LLBRING3R:

Forums Staff: KSI Scotland 7

Writer: KSI Toxic Rain


Congratulations to everyone who won an award this month, and thank you to all whoA?participatedA?in the nomination process!

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