Xbox Elite Controller: Is it worth it?

Is the Xbox Elite controller worth the price? KSI News writer KSI Question thinks it is. Find out why.

At E3 2015, Microsoft announced the Xbox One Elite controller with all the customizations such as extra paddles on the back of the controller, customizable thumb sticks, hair trigger locks and extra button mapping.

Primarily aimed at the serious gamers, particularly the ones who change the set-up on the controller for an aggressive edge to win against all contenders, the question is, “Is it worth its price tag?”

At a pricey $150, it might not seem that any gamer will get enough out of the experience to justify the cost, but after owning it, I’d have to say the price is well worth it.

Let’s talk about design. On the back of the actual controller, the paddles are quite easily seen and felt, there has also been rubber grips on the controller that help. Instead of the normal plastic around Xbox guide button, it has been replaced with a premium metal finish on metal bumpers, triggers and the top edges of the controller.

The D-pad is customizable with a shaped version for precise movements. The thumb sticks are also customizable with 3 versions depending on what kind of game you are playing and tactics. If you’d ask me what are the best parts, or area, of the controller is, I would have to the say the hair trigger locks on the back of the controller.

If you don’t change your set up in the settings, the paddles on the back of the controller are assigned to the X, Y, B and A buttons.

It might seem random, but playing games such as Destiny when using Nightstalker, I can have my shadestep constantly; I don’t have to mess about with any of the button since you can just switch weapons, jump, reload and shadestep or crouch just with the back button.

This means I don’t have to play around with the buttons on the top of the controller, so it streamlines the movements I’ll have to make with my hand to speed up my character’s actions.

The controller might seem intimidating, especially because we’ve been so used to the traditional controller layout, but once the player gets used to the Elite’s set-up, the controller is a step above the traditional one.

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