Game Review: ‘The Walking Dead: Season 2’

KSI Paranoid gives her opinion on “The Walking Dead: Season 2.”

(WARNING: The following contains spoilers from Season 1)

The epic continuation of a brilliant series; Telltale Games, The Walking Dead: Season 2. I believe we can all agree that the first season was something to remember by far; a story that kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time, and kept you begging for more.

As we all know, the previous season of this franchise left us on a genuine cliffhanger. Leaving you to decide if you should leave Lee to suffer as a walker, or end his misery and kill him before he turns. This decision made players frantic and really showed what kind of outlook someone had on situations similar to this one.

This heart wrenching choice was left entirely to the player, and at this point only had an effect on the emotions of the person playing, thus there was Season 2.

Season 2 kicks off when you see you are now playing as Clementine, walking along with a much smaller group than you were accustomed to before. (The way I played resulted in me starting with Christa and Omid in the second season) I’m not sure if that changes for other players of not.

First, running into a fellow female survivor that apparently isn’t as friendly as you had thought. All the way to meeting a totally new group of people that refused to trust you even though you swore on your life you’re just a fellow survivor.

They strongly believed that you were either a spy, or bitten, neither would have a good result for them so I can mildly understand them there. After a while they begin to trust you and you become a valuable member within the group.

You’ve got your new-found alliances, some of whom you would even consider friends, and now you’re ready to go on the crazy adventures just as you used to with the old one. Then dealing with Carver, finding Kenny, the questionable Russians, and a few other threats including childbirth.

The weather being against you as well, expects you to deliver another group members baby. I thought the game was crazy for doing this, but in the end it all works out. Although Kenny attempts to take over as the father figure in remembrance of Duck, this group pushes him over the edge.

Overall this game wasn’t exactly the ten out of ten I was hoping for, but we can’t all be perfect. It is still definitely a great game to play and I will be expecting another season coming soon.

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