Turkey Bowl 2017: Halo 5 and Karaoke Recap

Turkey Bowl Day 1 was a huge success! Tune in to catch the ‘deets.’


Kicking off Turkey Bowl this year, we had Halo 5 Swat 2v2, and everyone’s favorite, Karaoke! This particular Karaoke was themed for the Billboards Top 100 Hits. Competitors found this as a real challenge, limiting their selection of music, judges on the other hand loved the twist! However, they soon regretted the choice as the competition was heavily swayed by Ed Sheeran songs! Our Contenders list and songs they sang consisted of:


KSI Alley
Miranda Lambert: Hey there Mr.Tin Man

KSI Salem
Ed Sheeran:Castle On A Hill

KSI Bearded 7
Ed Sheeran:Perfect

KSI Hockeyman45
Ed Sheeran:Shape Of you

KSI Ronin 77-
Ed Sheeran: Perfect

KSI TordesitNut
USA:We Are The World

KSI Widow 7
Sam Smith:Too Good At Goodbye

The Competition

KSI Alley leading off the group strong and setting the bar for the rest of the contenders singing “Tin Man”.Than as we sat through many of Ed Sheeran’s many top hits, we found out that KSI Ronin 77 and KSI Bearded 7 are “Perfect” for one another both coming in with the same song! KSI TordesitNut taking a different path and veering away from the theme but holding a greater meaning. KSI TordiestNut spoke about what this song meant to him and that we need to “re-unite the world” and “give to those in need” “God bless everyone”. In perfect spirit for this time of year, being thankful and giving. If you missed the event and would like to listen to some of the amazing talent we have here in KSI you can tune in at:


To the point you’ve all been waiting for, the winners! As much as we appreciate all the talent that came out and participated, as we all know as gamers, there can only be one winner. After some very rigorous judging from our T&E staff, KSI Arcane 7, KSI ShadowFoxx and KSI Ghalad. They announced the winners of this years Turkey Bowl: Karaoke Top 100!

Turkey Bowl 2017 Karaoke Event 11/24/17 Winners:
1st. KSI Widow 7
2nd. KSI Salem
3rd. KSI Ronin 77

Halo 5 Team Doubles

Our other event of the evening included, Halo 5 Swat 2v2. The night started off with some fun chatting, but once the games began, competitiveness did as well! As well as some lag, but in the world of gaming, what is gaming without lag?

We had a great turnout, but there were definitely some teams out there that had a lot of skill. In the last two games, KSI Breakfast 7 and KSI AlphaWulf had to beat KSI Enzyme and KSI I EDGE two times. Both games had the audience on the edge of their seats, the ending scores coming in close! But with a push, KSI Breakfast 7 and KSI AlphaWulf pulled out on top with the win! KSI Enzyme and KSI I EDGE shortly behind, coming in second! Sliding into third place, was KSI Meta 7 and KSI Jupiter 7!

Even those who were not in the top three, gave it their best! All teams representing themselves and their divisions with great passion. Overall, the night was filled with entertainment and I personally am extremely thankful to those who participated!

Throughout the event, KSI BadKitty 7 kept the party alive, being a wonderful host. As well as, Gambit and Furian! The event wouldn’t had ran as smoothly without them! Next time you see them, be sure to give them a shoutout! Also a huge shoutout to our streamer, KSI Nebula!


CD: KSI Hype soap, KSI iMiShell, KSI Breakfast 7, KSI AlphWulf

DM: KSI Jupiter 7, KSI Blood, KSI Killer s117

DR: KSI Enzyme


ES: KSI Bumper 7, KSI Eyonia

LS: KSI Meta 7, KSI Odinn, KSI Memes

WD: KSI iggyman17, KSI Dark Tallon


1st: KSI Breakfast 7 and KSI AlphaWulf

2nd: KSI Enzyme and KSI l EDGE

3rd: KSI Meta 7 and KSI Jupiter 7

Day 2

Make sure to tune in to twitch.tv/ksilive to watch the competitions for Overwatch Mystery Heroes and Rocket League 2v2. If not, you can always try to participate by signing up here:


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