Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

Turkey Bowl: Overwatch

Check out the ‘facts’ from last night’s Overwatch event!

Turkey Bowl: Overwatch 1v1

Turkey Bowl Day 2, was a huge success, featuring Rocket League and Overwatch 1v1! If you missed it, dona??t worry! Your recap is swooping in to fill you in on what you missed!

Although Overwatch had an amazing turnout, there were a few who were unable to attend. This left the beginning of the event with a few byes. As the rounds went on, competition brewed, and had our viewers at the edge of their seats. There were a lot of chuckles within the party as we watched the participants go against one another.

Soaring through the first couple of rounds was KSI Blood, who managed to conquer all of his opponents. Not far behind him was KSI Ronin 77, who had some skilled moves as well! In my personal experience, watching these two in the last final games had me jumping out of my seat! Kind of like that moment, when youa??re watching a scary movie, and see the killer coming up behind the victim, and youa??re yelling at them to turn around!

This intense tournament even influenced me to buy the game!

The Standings

First place: KSI Blood

Second place: KSI Ronin 77

Third place: KSI HaloFalcon!

Shout outs

There was some great sportsmanship from all divisions who participated, and allowed a very welcoming party! Huge shout out to our hosts; KSI BadKitty 7, KSI WICKED 7, and KSI Arcane 7! Also, a huge thanks to our streamer, KSI Fire Heart 7! We wouldn’t have had such a success without the help of these guys!!!

One more final shout out to those who participated!!! You all did amazing, and represented yourselves and your divisions well!!

DM: KSI Blood, KSI Littlelight

EO: KSI 0Sniperz

ES: KSI Bumper 7, KSI Eyonia, KSI HaloFalcon

FI: KSI Neegan 7, KSI Salem

LS: KSI Soulflayer

DIR: KSI Ronin 77


Stay tuned:

Tomorrow is our last Turkey Bowl events!!

Our two events are: Cod WW2 FFA and Prominence Poker – 1,000 Chip Buy In!! These events are still open to sign up for until 7:30pm est on Sunday!!! Follow this link to find where you can sign up:

If you just want to tune in, follow our twitch channel, !!! If you’re worried you’ll miss it, don’t worry! Our New Team will have a recap written up just for you! Stay tuned!

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