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Turkey Bowl: Rocket League 2v2’s

Turkey Bowl Day 2 Rocket League 2v2s was interesting, tune in for details!

Turkey Bowl Events: Rocket League!

2017’s Turkey Bowl has been exciting and today was nothing short of amazing with today’sA?event of Rocket League.

The Rocket League 2v2’s double elimination tournament got off to a rocky start. The evening started with some entertaining matches. Whether they were close or complete blowouts, all were very enjoyable!

Some amazing Rocket League players, KSI Bearded 7 and SlackAchiever2, were flawless in the competition, winning every single game!

However, the more interesting matches were with KSI Silence 7 who chose to do 1v2 due to his teammate unable to attend. Although he might not have won the matches, he made an interesting battle as both teams played around, resulting in some laughable moments.

If you missed the event and would like to tune in, check out our Twitch Channel and our YouTube Channel:


Participants were:

DL: KSI Deathangel, KSI D4RKSLAY3R1

DM: KSI Furian 7, KSI Jupiter 7, KSI Kiht 7

DR: KSI rawdogg45, KSI x Astro

FI: KSI Silence 7

LS: KSI Meta 7, KSI Bearded 7, SlackAchiever2

WD: KSI I See Stars, KSI Mr Wabbit 7

Teams were:

KSI Furian 7 and KSI KihtA?7

KSI I See Stars and KSI Mr Wabbit 7

KSI Jupiter 7 and KSI Meta 7

KSI Silence 7

KSI Bearded 7 and SlackAchiever2

KSI rawdogg45 and KSI x Astro

KSI Deathangel and KSI D4RKSLAY3R1

Winners are as follows:

1st: KSI Bearded 7 and SlackAchiever2

2nd: KSI Jupiter 7 and KSI Meta 7

3rd: KSI Mr Wabbit 7 and KSI I See Stars

To Finish Out…

Congratulations to all those who won. Thank you to all who participated, especially those who continued to play and be a good sport – even if you were missing a teammate.

Also, be sure to look into our final daya??s events tomorrow! These events and their host are as follows:

November 26th: (8pm EST x2)
1. KSI Arcane 7
2. KSI AtomxGen
3. KSI ShadowFoxx
Prominence Poker – (1,000 chip buy in)
1. KSI Gambit 7
2. KSI Furian 7

Sign ups can be found on our forum page under the Turkey Bowl topic.

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