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KSI Comedy: Introduction to The Raging Gamer

KSI Widow 7 introduces us to Frank, the “raging gamer,” through KSI Comedy!


As displayed in a previous article, you were introduced to Steve. Steve, as we all know, was the noob, known as JuicySteve44. We can all relate to poor Steve, but the gamer I’m about to introduce is known as Frank; the raging gamer.

Although KSI is known as a non-competitive gaming community, we still have a competitive aspect. In some cases, gamers have a more competitive side, compared to other players, such as Steve. Let me introduce you to Frank, the raging gamer.

The Story of the Raging Gamer

After a long day of work, Frank stomped and collapsed on the loveseat. A seat that his wife had proclaimed as “the perfect” accent, which put the living room together. If Frank was a total bum, he would have remarked how uncomfortable and hard the seat was, and he very much wanted his old gaming chair back. Considering he loved and adored his wife, he found it hard to say no.

Readjusting in the hard uncomfortable chair, Frank began to set up his gaming system. As he began his game, Call of Duty 3, the adrenaline began to pump through his system. An odd sort of power surged through Frank, his ego.

With a soaring win of 50-10, Frank jumped up and hooted. “Damn right! That’s how we do it, boys!” Frank pounded a fist against his chest, and sat back down with a big grin across his lips. Little did he know that he would be introduced to a hardcore gamer. Although Frank has been gaming for years, he still obtained a large amount of rage towards hardcore gamers, which heightened his competiveness.

In the next game, Frank was getting killed over and over again. Unfortunately, the shots kept coming from his blind spots. “Dammit!” Frank yelled, which was followed by a stream of curse words. Although Frank hated when he raged, he couldn’t stop it from occurring. Rolling up his sleeves, and turning on some music, Frank returned to the game. Once he was ready to challenge the “spawn killers,” he came out from his hiding place.

Finally, Frank achieved the impossible and didn’t die on spot. Sweat had formed on his forehead, as he concentrated on his game. As the time ticked down, Frank became more and more frustrated, his heart was beating through the roof.

30 seconds…. 25……20….15……..10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2……

“YES!” Frank jumped up and did a victory dance. But too soon did he notice that he had lost by one point. Rage boiled within Frank, and he threw his controller to the side and shut down his Xbox. “Stupid! I’m never playing that s*** again!” He exclaimed.

Chuckling to herself, Frank’s wife watched as he stomped up the stairs, “You said that the last time too, darling.”


We all experience rage at some point within our gaming careers. The key point is, don’t forget to cool down. There is more memories beyond the spawn kills, and paybacks a turd. Those spawn killers will get what they deserve; a mad Frank with his buddies.

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