KSI Announces: Turkey Bowl!

Turkey Bowl is almost here! Get the ‘deets’ and make sure to sign up.


It’s that amazing time of the year again where we overeat, have days off, and binge on video games! Here in KSI, we have our own little twist this Thanksgiving season for you: the Turkey Bowl!!

What is Turkey Bowl?

Turkey Bowl is like our many other KSI wide events such as: Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, and the Awards Show. Providing fun and competitive gaming to be had for all and the divisions get to show what they are made of by sending in their best to compete in a number of events!

This year’s Turkey Bowl is centered on free-for-alls with events built around this idea including our very first KSI wide Call Of Duty: World War II event. Not only this, we also plan on hosting many more events, which are listed below.. All events being hosted at 8 pm EST. Any questions to signing up contact any of your divisional or squad leadership.


November 24th: (8pm EST x2)

•Halo 5 – Swat: 2v2 1.
•Karaoke – Current Top 100 (Skype)

November 25th: (8pm EST x2)

•Rocket League – 2v2
•Overwatch Mystery Heroes

November 26th: (8pm EST x2)

•CoD WW2 – FFA
•Prominence Poker – (1,000 chip buy in)

Event Prizes

Each winner of the individual event earns a $10 code! There is tons of opportunity coming with this years Turkey Bowl. Be sure to get yourself signed up for as many events as possible.


During the final day of the event, the only day with a central hub party, we will be doing the Twitch Sub Lottery!

Twitch Subscriber Prizes

In light of all of KSI’s success with Twitch in the past year, there will be a drawing held. To compete in the Twitch drawing, one must be a subscriber and have donated money through our twitch channel. For every $5 that is donated, your name is entered once. So if you subscribe at $25 a month, your name will be entered 5 times a month, increasing your chances at winning out the roof!

Winner of this drawing will get a free digital game download of your choice!
If you don’t subscribe and donate you lose your chance at a free $60 value game.
If you haven’t donated and wish to, please subscribe to KSILive, KSI’s Twitch channel!



Turkey Bowl is one of the many ways to find your home here in KSI, we encourage you all to come out and participate. Win or lose, we are here to play video games and escape the real world for a little while. Hope to see you all out there, battling for the many prizes and honor at stake!

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