Clan vs Community: What’s the Difference?

KSI Pantsir 7 explains the differences between a clan and a community, tune in to learn!

KSI Compared…

What a time to be alive! In a day and age, when we can hop on a console and play games with people from all around the World. In your time in KSI, you were probably coached into calling KSI a community. However before you joined, you may have thought a group of people on a console was just a clan. So what’s the difference?

Where does one get to decide they and their group of gamers are a community versus a clan? For starters, one might argue that this article, in and of itself; along with every other News Article from KSI would be evidence enough. Lets be honest though, it’s probably safe to say, that not everyone is taking part and reading this.

Is it a clan?

Numbers don’t simply make a clan, a community, although opportunity might. KSI Global provides a squad and rank structure for members on the console itself. The most obvious of opportunities, yet common amongst clan and communities are the leadership opportunities. Clans and communities commonly provide some entry level and middle management opportunities.

Although, not everyone understands the challenges of such responsibility. In a community, such as KSI, it offers it’s members the ability to experience and learn the role of leadership. Such experiences like human resources style training; Recruits to Privates. Promotional training, for example; Corporals to Sergeants, Staff Sergeants to Officers, so on and so forth.

As an Officer, an individual is tasked with leading by example. This means taking part and maybe even managing game nights, meetings, setting up and help organize competitive teams, and contributing to weekly squad meetings.

What makes it a community?

KSI offers even more, it’s forums; The forums give members more opportunity to take part and contribute to the community. Department choices include Art and Graphics, the News team, a Marketing Team, and a Productions Team; who make video montages for the community and live stream game play and events.

Other departments include: Human Resources, a Court Department, and the Education Department. Of course, there are areas to just have a general or specific conversation on the forums as well. These are topics where you can connect with other members in the community. With all of that and its social media sites; this is easily more than just your ordinary, every day run of the mill clan or community.

What do you feel separates KSI from the rest, in the gaming world online? We’d like to know, comment below or leave us a note in the news section.

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