Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Turkey Bowl: 2021 Edition

Have you been awaiting KSI’s last Annual Event, Turkey Bowl? If so, IT’S FINALLY HERE! Come check out the schedule, and how to sign up!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, clowns of all ages please take your chairs! KSI’s LAST ANNUAL EVENT of the year is right around the corner! Turkey Bowl 2021 is coming straight at you in a little over a week, and we’ve got the lineup straight from Tournaments and Events.

Event Schedule

Day 1 – Thursday 11/25

  • GTA V – Races (5pm Est)
  • Apex Legends – Speedrun 3v3 (7pm Est)

Day 2 – Friday 11/26

  • Rocket League 3v3 Soccer (5pm Est)
  • Prominence Poker (7pm Est)

Day 3 – Saturday 11/27

  • Rainbow Six Siege – 3v3 Hostage (5pm Est)
  • Splitgate- 3v3 Shotty Snipes (8pm Est)

Day 4 – Sunday 11/28

  • Halo Infinite – 4v4 Swat (6pm Est)
  • COD Vanguard – 4v4 TDM (8pm Est)

Event Information

  • Teams do NOT have to be Division-specific. Teams may be comprised of members from different divisions and regardless of rank in the community. Event sign-ups will be posted in the Turkey Bowl section on the forums. Keep your eyes peeled!  
  • If a team with members from different divisions wins 1st Place in an event, both divisions represented will receive 1st Place points toward Div Cup. 
  • Only individual prizes will be awarded during this annual event. Every 1st Place Winner in each event will receive a $10 MSP card. Event winners are responsible for messaging KSI Ace 7 (@KSI Ace 7) on the forums by December 31st, 2021 to claim their prizes. 
  • All teams must be comprised of KSI members who have been Omega registered as Private or higher prior to 11/20/21.
  • Event registrations will close two (2) hours prior to the scheduled start of each event. 

Forums Challenge Poll

As with every annual event, there will be a challenge poll posted to show support for your Division! The poll will open on Thursday, November 25th at 5:00 PM EST, and close on Sunday, November 28, at 8:00 PM EST. Make sure that you vote for your respective Division AND comment on the post to get your Turkey Bowl 2021 award!

Location Location Location

Do any of these games and times tickle thy fancy? If so, head over to the Tournaments and Events section, (click that link), on the forums and sign up! Members DO NOT have to have a Divisional 7 sign up their teams for this event either, but make sure teams are posted AT LEAST 2 hours PRIOR to the event, otherwise the team will not be counted.

Members who are in the Community Discord for KSI can go to the Turkey Bowl section and sign up teams as well instead of using the Forums. There is also a Turkey Bowl LFG if a member needs help assembling a team! Make sure to utilize the Team Template signup when posting up teams on either platform.

While you are on the Forums, don’t forget the KSI’s “Of The Year” nominations are up and running. Members will find this in the AAP Section of the Forums. This is a yearly event which is designed to have members from all over the community recognized for their achievements in the community within the calendar year. To nominate someone for one of these awards they need to have held a rank prior to today. Before you nominate someone think back throughout this entire year, from January until now, and find the person you can think of that best filled each Rank & Position in this community, from Member all the way to Senior Leader. Signups for the OTY’s end on December 15, 2021, so make sure you cast your vote!

The Final Countdown

WHO’S READY TO GET ON THE HYPE TRAIN???? Which Division will bring home the much coveted Turkey Bowl First Place win? Will Wicked Destruction be uprooted from their R6S and CoD winning streak? Can anyone blow the brakes off of Chaos Syndicate’s tires in GTA V? Maybe there will be another massive head to head sudden death run for the Forums Challenge. We will all just have to sit back and await the final scorings as patiently, or impatiently in some cases, as possible! Make sure to tune into KSI’s Twitch on Sunday, November 28, at 8pm EST to see the final event played, as well as the winners announcements. Don’t fret if you miss an event either, as KSI’s News Team will have daily coverage and updates every step of the way!

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