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Veteran’s Day Members Event Recap

Did you miss out on KSI’s 2021 Veteran’s Day members Event? Don’t fret as KSI Hatter77 has the lowdown of it all right here!

On Saturday, November 11, 2021, at 8pm Est, KSI hosted its first ever Veteran’s Day event! Here the ditches were dug and the shots rang true. Our glorious event took place on Modern Warfare in a mud slinging Free For All that left many in the trenches. Hosted by the illustrious KSI Cable and KSI N8iV 406 , our event was a double elimination, tiered with 10 members vying to scream their victory battlement. 

Participating Members

  • KSI AtomXGen
  • KSI Catfish (KSI Lucifer)
  • KSI Hatter77
  • KSI Kakashii 77
  • KSI March
  • KSI Rick
  • KSI Sinon
  • KSI Tinc
  • KSI T StackG

As a double elimination event, 2 participating members get disqualified at the end of each game. With 10 participants, that leaves four guns blazing rounds, with the fifth determining the event winner. Herein lies the beginnings of the where, and finalizing who came out victorious.

Round One

Gun Runner was the first round that our members played on. Above all, many came and saw, but only 8 survived to see another match. The ending results would leave some questioning how.

Round Two

Some smack talk started as the next group of members prepared to sharpen their sights in on Hackney Yard. Absolutely no train car was NOT injured in the crossfire of FMJ sprays.

Round Three

Round three saw its highs and camping lows. Was someone going to just run the outskirts and be a moving target? Do you go down below and corner crouch hoping to tag a lucky body shot? Or, at the end of the day, does a person just run and gun hoping for the very best? The ending results would leave a person going “SSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY WHAT?!?!?!?!?!”

Round Four

Our final four found themselves on the most LOATHED map to EVER reach the playlist in Call of Duty, and it’s not Nuketown. INSERT SHIPMENT. Whether it be running through an open container, tossing out a lucky semtex, or wishing you had never spawned in that ridiculous straight line of fire, our competitors never faltered.

Round Five

So our once profound group of ten competitors ended with the final match being played between KSI Kakashii 77, and you guessed it right, KSI AtomXGen . But this was for all of the marbles, more so for all of those warm snickerdoodles you want to keep to yourself on a Netflix and chill kind of evening. This was it. The end. The showing of the “Who’s Who” of Modern Warfare Free For All’s. And this is why our leading men decided to hold a gentlemen’s agreement that they wanted it all, or thing at all. You guessed it right. This was to be a quick scoping match held once again on Shipment! MAY THE BEST MAN WIN!

With the last bullet fired and the dust slowly settling, the winner emerged. Battered and bruised, KSI AtomXGen sauntered through the blood lathered fields as the ultimate champion. Congratulations on a phenomenal game well played, and thank you to each and every other member who came out and gave it their all! You shall not be forgotten! Keep your eyes on the forums, at for all future events!

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month will always ring true for the Red, White, and Blue. Many people across the United States celebrate November 11th every year. This is our Veteran’s Day, also known once upon a time as Armistice Day. The day that commemorates veterans, of all ages, wars, and situations, who took the time to say an oath and put their life on the line to keep America the “Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave”. On this day, from all of us in KSI, we salute YOU.

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