Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Turkey Bowl 2021: Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of Turkey Bowl has come and gone. Check out coverage of all events, to include: GTA V Races and Apex Legends Speedrun!

The potatoes were gone and all of the pies eaten. KSI members slowly rolled away from their tables and chairs more stuffed than their Thanksgiving turkeys, groggy and ready for naps. But those naps were last on their minds as the reminder of the Thanksgiving holidays signified KSI’s last Annual Event, the Turkey Bowl!

Turkey Bowl, much like Thanksgiving, brings all of our members together. It is the only Annual Event that we host that allows members from different Divisions to get together on the same team and rock out no matter the event! Last night’s events saw just that! As opening ceremonies hit the Twitch stream, our members participated in GTA V Races and an Apex Speedrun, then promptly voted on the Forums Poll. Keep reading to find out the “who’s who” of our first nights shenanigans!

Grand Theft Auto V: Races


  • KSI Food 7


  • KSI Uppish 7

News Team:

  • KSI Hatter77
  • KSI Big Mack 92

Turkey Bowl’s first event was held on GTA V at 5pm EST, and was the best of 7 races. The bump and grind was real here. Brakes gave way making tires go wild, paint ended up in places it shouldn’t have been, and engine noises gunned louder than fireworks. Whether it be an accidental tap in race one, a “SURPRISE!!!” Transformation game type in race three, or a 4 car pile up in race five, members kept the pedal to the metal and carried on!

The Podium:

  • First Place: G04z (WD)
  • Second Place: KSI Uppish 7 (CS)
  • Third Place: KSI Tripped (WD)

Honorable Mentions

  • KSI Food 7 (CS)
  • KSISilverFox (WD)
  • KSIJester3812 (WD)

Apex 3V3 Speedrun

Our second event of the night took place on Apex Legends at 7pm EST, and was a Speedrun. Now for those who aren’t familiar with this type of event, sit back and get ready to be enlightened. Basically, each team drops into an online game, (since Apex doesn’t host private games), and tries to get as many points as possible in a 90 minute time period. Members then go on a mad rampage to get as many kills as possible; 5+ kills gets a team 1 point, while 10+ kills will land you 2 points.

End of game placement plays a big part in points standings as well. A Top 3 gets you 1 point, Top 2 gets you 2 points, and being Champion of the Arena gets you a whopping 5 points! Strategy is the name of the game here! Do you hot drop and go guns blazing? Does a team go outside the line of flight, load up on weapons, ammo, and attachments to play it slow? At the end of the day, each match is different and takes a lot thought and precision.

The Podium:

First Place with 49 points:

  • KSI CanMan (SL)
  • Quackiesss (SL)
  • Apexxis#6687 (SL)

Second Place with 45 points:

  • KSI Akame 7 (WD)
  • KSI March (WD)
  • G04z (WD)

Third place with 29 points:

  • KSI Sassy (CS)
  • KSI Chummy (SL)
  • KSI Big Mack 92 (WD)

Forums Poll Challenge

With every Annual Event that KSI hosts, there comes the much awaited Forums Poll. Members get onto the Forums, vote for their Division, and submit a comment for the event award. Then we patiently wait for the Annual Event to end to see which Division got the most votes. Since Turkey Bowl started on Thanksgiving the voting was a little slow as many members were in a food coma. But that didn’t stop some to come out and show love for the Division.

This Is Only The Beginning

With 3 more days of Turkey Bowl left on the roster, and many more games to be played, it’s still anyone’s event to be had! Friday’s line up consists of Rocket League 3v3 and Prominence Poker. Make sure to check out KSI’s Twitch for all games that have been, and will be, streamed live! Scroll over to the Forums section to cast your votes for the Forums Challenge and rep your Division! Good luck to all of the teams who come out, and thank you to all who have already participated!

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