The KSI Gaming Area

Miss the latest news and update for your favorite game? Not sure where to find it? KSI Harmony 7 is here to help you navigate our KSI Gaming Area!

What Is The Gaming Area?

The Gaming Area on the Forums is an awesome new opportunity for KSI members! The section was created to get like minded KSI individuals talking about the latest games. The section is laid out into separate genres for easy maneuverability and is a fun place to chat and “fan girl” out about your favorite games!

Also, this is an very important section because our lovely Game Journalists on the News Team are always working diligently to maintain the updates coming to your favorite games!

Where To Find It

Coming along with the 2019 Forums Update, there is a brand new section on the front page of the forums labeled “KSI Gaming”! This is where you will go to find your respective games.

The General Chat has been placed in this area as well. Followed by the three game related categories.

Adventure Games

“Adventure games” is a very broad category. This section encompasses a wide variety of games. An Adventure game could be a shooter game, or a MOBA, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, game such as SMITE. Which is a top down game where you focus on a single player unit to help your team strategically siege the enemies.

Then there are open world exploration games such as GTAV, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Monster Hunter World and Anthem. You can navigate and choose what you would like to do in a non-linear setting. Not to say theses games don’t have story lines but, they are much more loose then a very story driven game. See Adventure Games for all of the aforementioned games and more!

First Person Shooters

The genre of FPS, or First Person Shooters, has somewhat of a negative mindset behind it. People often think if you have played one shooter you have played them all. This simply is not the case! This section has a large variation of game types. If you are looking to play a Battle Royale Style game, we have you covered with PUBG and Apex Legends. To add to that, we bring you a Battlefield section. Battlefield is a shooter much like Halo and Call of Duty, but on a larger scale. It does have a very different feel with extremely large teams of up to 64 players. It also encompasses the Battle Royale aspect. If you are looking for a total war experience Battlefield style, check out the Firestorm game mode!

This section encompasses many more shooters that are very interesting. Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter that is a much more controlled and tactical then many run and gun games. See this section for your favorite First Person Shooters!


Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game! That is a mouthful, and no wonder it always abbreviated! In this section you will find those timeless classics that you can just grind for the best gear for hours and days on end. You may think of WOW, or World of Warcraft, when you hear MMORPG. WOW paved the way for the games in this section. Currently it houses 2 games: The Elder Scrolls Online and Black Desert Online. These are 2 notable and fun games that people who enjoy this genre flock to. See this section here!

We Want Your Help!

This is a new area that we are just starting on the Forums. We have a section for suggestions in each area. Please come and share your feedback! We love to hear from the beloved members of this community to innovate, add more areas, and to refresh old ideas. Use this area as a tool for the new updates coming out and to keep updated on the latest game news.

Curious to know more? Take a look at this article by KSI Hatter 77 – Game Journalist – to find out how they help and maintain these areas! Go to the Join A Department section on the Forums if you find yourself interested! Check it out and join in on the discussions!

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