2019 Forums Update

The forums have changed. Do YOU know what’s new? Check it out here. And while you’re at it, stop by the KSI Gaming section. Seriously. Do it.

As of March 18th, the forums have undergone an update! A pretty large one at that. Exercising his supreme wizarding powers, our Chief Administrative Officer – KSI RiiOT 7 – has reorganized the website we all know so well. In addition to this, a “KSI Gaming” section has been added. This is the perfect place members can go to stay updated on game patches and DLC’s, chat about their favorite gamer passions and even throw up LFG’s for gamenight lobbies!

Here’s a peak at the new 2019 Forums Format:

Get Involved!

  • Welcome (New Members)
  • Join KSI
  • Divisional Transfer Area
  • Join A Department
  • Community Events
  • Donations and Merchandise

KSI Gaming

  • General Chat
  • Adventure
  • First Person Shooter

Awards & Achievements

  • AAP
  • Divisional Milestone Program
  • Divisional Hall of Fame Nominations
  • Divisional Hall of Fame Inductees

Clan Ops Divisions

  • Dark Legions
  • Demonic Mayhem
  • Divine Warriors
  • Eternal Souls
  • Explosive Outlaws
  • Last Strike
  • Sovereign Legacy
  • Wicked Destruction

Divisional Cup & Events

  • Divisional Cup 2019
  • Spring Break
  • Spirit Week
  • Fall Classic
  • Turkey Bowl

Department Operations

  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • News
  • Productions
  • Tournaments and Events
    • Head Hunters

Performance Operations

  • Education
  • Performance Operations and CDC


  • Community Information Center
  • Court Area
  • History, Statistics & Information
  • Open Door Area

We hope you enjoy the new format! If you have any questions about anything forums-related, hit up a Department Head or Co-Head!

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