Game Journalists Wanted!

Position: Game Journalist
Qualifications: Be an expert at the game you play
Responsibilities: Pass on your knowledge, advice and wisdom

Have you been going on the daily grind to unlock different worlds, legends, or javelins? Do you find that you have an unnerving wealth of knowledge about a certain game? Found yourself having some spare time lately? Well then you should look into KSI’s newest addition to the repertoire of gaming and apply to become a Game Journalist!

What Is A Game Journalist?

As daring and daunting as it sounds, one does NOT need to have a degree in Journalism to fit into this new found group. You don’t have to be able to write paragraph upon paragraph either. All that’s really needed is: a little expanded knowledge, some attention to detail, and a passion for the game that YOU play!

As a Journalist, you will have the opportunity to enlighten the gaming world about your favorite game. Whether it be about the easiest way to take on a raid boss, the best setup for a tank, or what happened in the latest patch notes update – anything is possible. And everything is relevant.


Game Journalists will be responsible for keeping track of their assigned game(s) within the KSI Gaming area on the forums, posting game updates in a timely manner, monitoring information relative to their assigned game(s) and promoting activity in the KSI Gaming section. Game Journalists must be individuals who are passionate about the games they play! Only apply for games that you play very frequently and know a great deal about. 

Lots Of Games!

As gamers we tend to get sucked into a vast world of entertainment, losing hours on end. Why not put that all of that knowledge to use, helping to educate other gamers on something they’ve never played? There are many “hot and upcoming” games out there just waiting to be covered. Some of these games found in the KSI Gaming section are:

Submit An Application!

Message KSI December 77 or KSI Hatter 77 with any questions or for more info!

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