Spirit Week 2019: Day 5 Recap

Day 5 of Spirit Week was arguably the most exciting. Tons of announcements, winners, Hall of Fame-ers, new things. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Day 5 Recap!

Here it is folks! The last day of Spirit Week 2019. Don’t miss anything.

Minecraft Build-off

For most of our divisions, Spirit Week started a few weeks ago with the beginning of the Minecraft Build-off. This is the one event each year every member of a division can participate in. Builders from every level show up to help – whether it’s just clearing the land or building the main focal point of the build. The theme of this year’s Build-off was Avengers: Endgame. I would have to say one of the toughest themes KSI has presented in a long time.

Event Host

  • KSI Galahad 7


  • KSI Shadowz


  • KSI Galahad 7
  • KSI Akame 7
  • KSI Kaos Reeper
  • KSI xKing 77

Sovereign Legacy

This world started with an impressive look at the most iconic Marvel heroes. They had many versions of Ironman and Captain America. But the most impressive of this build was the amazing Thor, and it was old school comic book Thor. The amount of detail and time that was put into this guy was very impressive.

Wicked Destruction

Although the division wasn’t able to participate in their build, we were definitely able to see some impressive details. Shoutout to the solo builder for Wicked Destruction.

Dark Legions

Stepping into Dark Legions realm, you get an impressive look at Fury, Colson and Black Widow. From there you get an awesome look of the Marvel Avengers logo. They had the tribute to Stan Lee as he looked over all his heroes. They had great builds of all the Marvel characters. Just for laughs they had an easter egg of Hulk Bulbasaur and an Ironman Pikachu.

Divine Warriors

Entering this would you get an amazing view of the Avengers Tower. Such great detail in this world. They displayed some builds of the Marvel heroes. There was a great use of sea lanterns in the Avengers logo. The Spider-Man hanging from Thor’s hammer.

Eternal Souls

As we enter Eternal Souls realm its nothing short of impressive. This world had an ingenious use of portals to different parts of their world. The build of the Avengers Headquarters was fantastic all the little extra detail. The build of the city was very impressive and massive. The final area was really neat to display and explain each stone.  

Demonic Mayhem

As we loaded into this world we landed on a very impressive Heilo Carrier. This world gave you a bit of it all to include a picture of a fat Thor and of course CPT Americas butt. The detail in each build was extraordinary and a lot of time and love went into this build. Sadly were unable to stream all of the world but the judges got to see the whole thing.

Final Results

  • 1st Place – Eternal Souls
  • 2nd Place – Demonic Mayhem
  • 3rd Place – Dark Legions

In closing we want to give a huge shout out to all the divisions and the builders. It is truly amazing to see so much talent and creativity each division has. Each one of you put so much time into these builds for your divisions and to see that teamwork come to life is amazing.

Donor’s Event & Closing Ceremony

Event Hosts

  • KSI ImPyyy 7
  • KSI Gambit 7


  • KSI Bane 7

Donor’s Event – Black Ops 4: Gun Game

Talk about fun. And crazy. Our Spirit Week Donor’s Event was hosted on Black Ops 4. The gametype was Gun Game. There were roughly 11 participants as the group cycled through classic BO4 maps – the lowest scoring participant being knocked out after each match.

Commentary was provided by KSI ImPyyy 7, KSI Gambit 7 and KSI Bane 7. The final four battled it out on the legendary, Russian-influenced Nuketown. KSI DropShot 7 would eventually take home the win and put away his challengers – KSI AtomXGen, KSI MeShell 7 and KSI Jynxie 7.

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of Spirit Week 2019 was an exciting affair. “But wait, there’s more!” is a phrase that we’ll all be hearing in our sleep for weeks to come (thanks for that, Impy). Never have we heard so many new and varied announcements given out in an hour’s time. But first, here’s the final divisional lineup for Spirit Week 2019.

Spirit Week 2019 Winners

Congratulations to ES for winning Spirit Week 2019!

  • 1st Place Winner – Eternal Souls
  • 2nd Place – Demonic Mayhem
  • 3rd Place – Wicked Destruction

Kings & Queens

Reinventing the long-standing tradition of selecting a Spirit Week King and Queen, the Board chose to recognize a total of FOUR members last night as Spirit Week’s “High Court”.

The first Spirit Week King named was KSI DropShot 7 from Dark Legions and the first Spirit Week Queen was KSI MeShell 7 from Demonic Mayhem. Fitting choices considering the amount of work and perseverance both of these members exhibited during this 5-day long event.

The second Spirit Week King to be crowned was KSI Torch096 – an instrumental part of Eternal Souls’ victory this Spirit Week. The second Spirit Week Queen selected was KSIDntAskImAwfl from Demonic Mayhem – a member so encouraging and dedicated, her reputation across the community made her an obvious choice for this honor.


Promoted to Tournaments & Events Senior Staff

  • KSI DropShot 7
  • KSI Akame 7
  • Sephiroth XC

Promoted to Chief of Staff (COS)

  • KSI Ronin 77

Promoted to Chief Strategic Officer (CSO)

  • KSI Gambit 7

Board Of Directors

With two promotions during the Closing Ceremony of Spirit Week, KSI’s Board of Directors has grown slightly. Included below are the six current members.

  • KSI ImPyyy 7 – Chairman & CEO
  • KSI Ace 7 – Chief Operating Officer
  • KSI Scotland 7 – Chief Department Manager
  • KSI RiiOT 7 – Chief Administrative Officer
  • KSI Ronin 7 – Chief of Staff
  • KSI Gambit 7 – Chief Strategic Officer

KSI Hall Of Fame Inductions

Annual Events are a perfect opportunity to take a moment and recognize certain members for their long standing commitment and their tenure in the community. These four members were formally inducted into KSI’s Hall of Fame during the Closing Ceremony. We’d like to congratulate them and recognize their achievements.

  • KSI DropShot 7
  • KSI RiiOT 7
  • KSI Ronin 77
  • KSI Gambit 7

Leadership Council Ambassadors

The Board has officially redesigned KSI’s Ambassador Program. It’s its place is now a larger “Leadership Council”. This group of members is comprised of multiple representatives from Web Ops, Clan Ops and Department Ops; Senior Moderators, Directors and Department Heads, directly overseen by the CSO and Board of Directors. These Council members will be tasked with giving the Board feedback, updates and information concerning the many spheres of KSI. They will be a voice for their Divisions, Departments and Moderator teams, instrumental in developing new and exciting ways to tackle the many aspects involved in running the community.

The list of Council Ambassadors includes:

Representing Web Operations

  • KSI December 77
  • KSI xKing 77

Representing Clan Operations

  • KSI Gruntier 7
  • KSI TexAngel 7

Representing Department Operations

  • KSI Bane 7
  • KSI December 77
  • KSI Dragons 7
  • KSI FadeZ 7
  • KSI Nebula 7

Looking Ahead To Fall Classic

Spirit Week 2019 couldn’t have happened without the combined efforts of every individual involved. Take one person out of the equation or take ten people out of the equation, this event wouldn’t have been as successful as it was. From the vision to the result, Spirit Week 2019 was indeed a spectacle to remember.

We’d like to thank the Department Staff of Tournaments & Events, Productions, News, HSI and Marketing. These members worked tirelessly in preparation for Spirit Week and then for five whole days during the event.

We’d also like to thank our divisions. Without their involvement and participation, Spirit Week wouldn’t exist. We owe it all to you – the members.

Time to look ahead to our Donor’s Weekend in August and then Fall Classic later in September. Get ready KSI, the second half of 2019 promises to be just as exciting as the first.

Article by KSI TexAngel 7 and KSI December 77

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