Spirit Week 2019: Day 4 Recap

Day 4 of Spirit Week 2019 is over and in the books. Check out who rang supreme in Brawlhalla, Overwatch, Rocket League, and Halo 5!

Day 4 Recap!

Day 4 of Spirit Week was nothing short of a showout! Between Brawlhalla, Rocket League, Halo 5, and Overwatch, there was an exciting show given all around! Thank you to everyone who came out and made Day 4 a massive success!

If you missed out on Day 3, the News Team has you covered. You can read about it in our Day 3 Spirit Week Recap!


  • Event Host(s): KSI Gambit 7
  • Streamer(s): KSI BinGin1913

Gametype: Free For All

Day 4 kicked off with a free-for-all on Brawlhalla. Round 1 was pure chaos with it ending with xKYTx taking that victory. Round 2 saw a few ridiculous combos that ultimately saw KSI x Brownie taking the win in a very close fight. KSI x Brownie definitely came to Brawl with another win in Round 3. xKYTx saw yet another victory in Round 4 after a hard fight with KSI WANT A TAC0. Round 5 saw xKYTx taking yet another W for the afternoon. Round 6 KSI Nebula 7 dethroned xKYTx in an all out fight for supremacy.

xKYTx definitely showed he didn’t appreciate that and came back around to take another win on his belt for Round 7. Round 8 saw our final 3 contestants of the afternoon battle it out for first. Giving it his all, xKYTx swung for the houses and took the win straight home. Everyone showed up to rep their Divisions, and it definitely showed in this hard fought tournament.


  • 1st Place – Wicked Destruction
    • xKYTx (WD)
  • 2nd Place – Eternal Souls
    • psychoward5
  • 3rd Place – Divine Warriors
    • KSI Nebula 7

You can catch the video recap on our KSILive Twitch stream!

Article by KSI Siggy

Halo 5

  • Event Host(s)
    • KSI Akame 7
    • KSI DropShot 7
  • Streamer(s):
    • KSI MeShell 7

Gametype: 4v4 Swat


  • First Place – Eternal Souls
    • KSI Torch096
    • KSI Breakfast 7
    • Rupp Horde
  • Second Place – Demonic Mayhem
    • KSI Fats McGee 
    • KSI SkullCru5her
    • KSI Vonner 7
  • Third Place – Wicked Destruction
    • KSI x Itachi
    • ComicInk67
    • KSI Jamcam
    • KSI Kalakoi 77

Rocket League

  • Event Host(s):
    • KSI Galahad 7
    • Sephiroth XC
  • Streamer(s):
    • KSI Shadowz

Gametype: 3v3 Tournament

It’s Day 4 here in Spirit Week and man what a show! The contestants today showed up to WIN! Amidst the roar of engines and the commentary of the streamers, dreams of winning this event were manifested in the gameplay of each of the Divisions here in KSI.

DM came out early chewing through the competition as ES stayed neck in neck with them into the semi finals of the bracket. SL took a round two loss and was forced to slay their way through the losers bracket eventually knocking out ES in a wild round 3 knockout.

SL, lead by KSI Go Ham then went on to flip the tables on DM by resetting the bracket and forcing DM, lead by KSI Blocky, to turn up the heat! DM responded by doing just that and shutting out SL in the finals to secure a hard fought victory for Demonic Mayhem! All who came out to play came to win and did a fantastic job maintaining their integrity throughout the event. Great job EVERYONE!


  • 1st Place – Demonic Mayhem
    • KSI Blocky
    • KSI Jupiter 7
    • frvnchise
  • 2nd Place – Sovereign Legacy
    • KSI Go Ham
    • KSI Hashirama 7
    • Min1MousLuvsHAM
  • 3rd Place – Eternal Souls
    • KSI Barry
    • psychward5

You can catch all of the video recaps for Rocket League on our Twitch channel at KSILive!

Article by KSI Whiskey82


  • Event Host(s):
    • Sephiroth XC

Gametype: 3v3 Mystery Heroes

Now sadly Overwatch wasn’t streamed, but the News Team was able to get a spectator in for several of the matches! Now if you’re anything like me, you have absolutely no idea about Mystery Heros. So, with this game type, they system picks a random hero for you to play. For. Every. Round… So Lord knows this was already a highly skilled gametype coming in! With that being said, every match happened rather quickly, with lots of death and destruction!

Match 1

Tonight’s first matchup was DW vs SL on Black Forest. Now, the first four rounds of this was pretty back and forth. Both teams had pretty decent luck at getting good characters to play. Round 5 was the make or break round. The winner takes it and moves on while the loser heads to the losers bracket. This is where things get a little dirty. It felt like we were on a merry go round with the laps that were made around the house. Both SL and DW wanted this win BAD! Coming down to a 1v1, and on a slight misstep, SL managed to overtake DW for the First match victory!

Match 2

Match two was ES vs SL, and was held on Ecopoint: Antarctica. This was a quick fought battle as ES came ready to rumble. So quick, in fact that it took longer to pick characters and load into the game then the actual gametime. ES came, they saw, and left nothing behind, not even a life lost, beating SL in almost 2 minutes flat to take the Match two victory.

Match 3

Match three saw ES take on DM, and the map was Ayutthaya, (say that five times fast). This was another 1,2,3 matches. DM came in giving their all as Dragons taught us how to dance and maneuver around statues better than David Bowie. But no run around was enough to stop OddBa11 from ending things on sight. In the last round, it was down to InfinityHunt vs all 3 ES members… The odds weren’t in his favor however, as he was on Mercy. Giving it one heck of a go Infinity didn’t go down easy, but ultimately did go down, letting ES advance on with their second win of the night.

Losers Bracket Match for 3rd Place

Our next match found us watching DM vs WD on Castillo. Now this was an interesting one because WD came into this match a man down. You read that right. This match was a 3v2, and boy was it a good one. The first two rounds were pretty stout, with DM and WD both taking a win. Round 3, this was a turning point. With a 1v1 happening, KSI Mitch and HarmonicAxis888 danced a VERY frozen tango. Somehow though, Harmonic managed to unfreeze and drop a sick beat onto an unsuspecting Mitch, giving WD that round.

Match point is up for WD. Can they continue to be the underdog story and advance to the Final match??? Yes, yes they can as Harmonic was blessed by the gaming Gods and landed on Torbjorn. He drops a turret, got two ridiculously lucky shots off with it, and chased down the last man standing from DM. Our deadly duo from WD advances into the Finals Round and hands Demonic Mayhem a third place win.

Finals Matchup

Our grand finale showdown saw ES vs WD playing on Necropolis. Was the undefeated, no lives lost ES going to carry on with their bad selves and win? Or could the deadly duo from WD, who swam through the losers bracket like Michael Phelps, pull off the unimaginable, reset the winners bracket, and take home first place?

Our first round saw nothing but a massive push from ES, and they won. Round two was up, and it was down the pit of misery for Harmonic as he fell off the map. This gave Calico the go ahead she needed to finish off Bearclaw and give the round win to ES. Round three started and finished in under 10 seconds. If you blinked, you missed it, which I did so I had to record and rewatch. Running into the building, Harmonic and Bear tried to set up, but Calico (as Widowmaker) had none of that. Rushing into the building, she basically insta clapped the Mercy. She then went to the staircase, unloaded the Widow’s Kiss and took the round. ES walked out of Overwatch with no lives lost and undefeated, taking home first place and sending WD into second.


  • 1st Place – Eternal Souls
    • tiredCalico
    • ZealousEqualty
    • KSI OddBa11
  • 2nd Place – Wicked Destruction
    • HarmonicAxis888
    • bearclawthekill
    • KSI CryBaby
  • 3rd Place – Demonic Mayhem
    • KSI Dragons 7
    • infinityhunt 
    • KSI Mitch

Article by KSI Hatter 77

Forums Challenge

As Day 4 comes to a close, the Forums Challenge is still a hot place to be! Demonic Mayhem has rolled through like a freight train trying to lock up first place, but it’s still anyone’s challenge to be had!

  • DM – 118
  • ES – 92
  • WD – 99
  • SL – 61
  • LS – 20
  • DL – 20
  • DW – 30

Spirit Week Scores

With the events of Day 4 finally over, our updated scores are been given.

  • First Place
    • Eternal Souls – 39
  • Second Place
    • Demonic Mayhem – 30
  • Third Place
    • Wicked Destruction – 26
  • Fourth Place
    • Divine Warriors – 22
  • Fifth Place
    • Sovereign Legacy – 16
  • Sixth Place
    • Dark Legions – 15
  • Seventh Place
    • Last Strike – 8

Heading into Day 5 we have our Minecraft Build Off judging, Donors Event on BO4, and the Closing Ceremonies. We hope to see many of our members tuning into Twitch and Twitter for all of our live updates! Thank you to everyone who has already come out in full support of their Divisions!


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