Spirit Week Day 1: Pep Rally

“We are also here for the leadership. By this I mean we give something worth fighting for. Let us give back to our leaders” KSI QueenJess 7 said.

Did you know QueenJess was in the shower when she came up with the idea came up with Spirit Week?

“Now that you have the image of me bathing thinking of KSI lets get into why we have spirit week” KSI QueenJess 7 said. “One of the main reasons we have spirit week is because we want to celebrate what we do here in KSI. We are a family, a group of people who are enjoying the gaming experience with other people who enjoy gaming themselves. We are all here to help each other.”

“We are also here for the leadership. By this I mean we give something worth fighting for. Let us give back to our leaders” KSI QueenJess 7 said.

She also said that every member of KSI should remember what brought them to the community, and that we’re all here because someone committed their time to KSI.

During the stream, people started discussing how long they have been in KSI and how many recruits they have gotten.

KSI Luci Lux 7, a BOD member, confessed in the Twitch chat that in “4 or 5 years,” he’s gotten a grand total of “8 recruits.”

While the discussion continued, at 8:15 p.m. ET, it was announced that the Forums Challenge shattered the forums record for most people online. At the time, it sat at 706. By the end of the event, the number had soared to 772.

The main group in the chat, Jess, Fuzzy, Pred, Rags, Greg, Cheddar, Luci and Paratroop, recapped what will be taking off during Spirit Week.

  1. Thursday – Halo 4
  2. Friday – Karaoke Night
  3. Saturday – Advanced Warfare S&D
  4. Sunday – Awards ceremony

The tournaments will be run according to Weekend Warfare guidelines.

For the complete rules listing, click here.

Of course, when hundreds of KSI members get together in a Twitch chat, there’s bound to be goofing around.

“I do love unicorns” KSI Shivers 7 said.

Even in the stream there were some things said to put a smile on your face.

“Can I be the official honorary Purple Ranger?” KSI QueenJess 7 asked KSI RedRanger, who had joined in during connection issues and sang “Ice Ice Baby.”

As always, they did want to keep it serious still so they talked about the recent E3 events.

KSI QueenJess 7 said, “Halo 5 is going to wipe the floor,” and Predator chuckled, shook his head and responded, “Um, no Call of Duty of course.”

Shortly after that small discussion there were a few difficulties with the stream so the host KSI Pr3dator 7 played some music as we waited for the stream to continue.

“I’m jamming out cause man I feel like a woman,” KSI Shivers 7 said in the twitch chat.

Once the stream finally continued they started playing a few games themselves on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to start closing out the night.

During that time a few members were asked: What would you like to see in the near future for spirit weeks ahead?

“I hope I can show up one day but I’m super busy,” Apocawaka said.

“Instead of staring at a party screen, maybe some game play,” others said.

After the festivities closed out, a few members were asked about their thoughts on the evening.

KSI Shivers 7, KSI Mpliers 7 and KSI DarkxAngel agreed: It went great, but the technical difficulties were frustrating.

Of course, with an online stream, those things are bound to happen.

As Jess said, Spirit Week is a reminder of our commitment to KSI, and if the Pep Rally is any indication, this Spirit Week could be a great one.


After the Forums Challenge, WI won the vote and took home 5 points.

LS finished second and took home 4 points, while DL finished the vote with a strong push to grab 3 points.

Every other division took home 1 point for participation.

For the full Spirit Week tally, click here.


Division Leaders should sign up their teams for the events as quickly as possible, but since Day 2 features the Halo 4 tournament, click here to view the sign-ups. (Sign-ups will close 30 minutes before the event begins.)

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