KSI Speaks: Your favorite Spirit Week moment

In this edition of KSI Speaks, we asked people about their favorite Spirit Week moments.

We ask some of you to share some of your favorite KSI Spirit Week memories. Feel free to comment yours below or on social media!

KSI PR3DATOR – General – Assassin – Elite Forces

My most memorable spirit week memory was my first spirit week. It was the first the first night of the week, it was a roast by the Board of Directors. That night the Board of Directors and senior leaders of KSI invited members and played games with each all night. There was a lot of joking and messing around, it was a lot of fun for everyone. We played Black Ops 2 for 5 or six hours of private match. For myself I came in top 3 every round we played. It was some of the most fun I have ever had in a spirit week and definitely one of the most memorable memory’s of KSI for myself.

KSI BANDIT 777 – Co-Divison Leader – Demonic Mayhem

My Favourite memory for spirit week is when we came in 3rd place after defeating WI for the tie breaker last year”

KSI Purge – Web Ops – Productions Co-Head

My favorite memories from spirit week would have to be when I won twice in a row in the twitch chat quiz they do. Also when I received my sticker with a nice little card writer by QueenJess.

KSI ImPeRiiiuM 7 – Web Ops – Head of News Team

My favorite moment was when I was director and all 3 of my divisions finished top-5. I think it was 2013. GZ won, and WI and SH each finished high, even though SH wasn’t as big or strong as the rest of the divisions. It was a proud moment for me and it was a great reflection of what positive motivation and planning can do for divisions through out KSI.

KSI Onyxwolf – Captain – Wrath – Demonic Mayhem

I would probably have to say my favourite experience was just the overall union of everybody within KSI. We had a lot of good times.

KSI Paratroop 7 – BOD/CIA

The best one that comes to mind was spirit week from 2 years ago. CO built a giant Minecraft world and had sections for every board member. Our favourite was the sheep pen where it was filled with tons of sheep. The quote on the pen said “Be the sheep you want to be”. – Fuzzy Sheep. 

KSI Doctor 7 – BOD/Head of Departments

I’d honestly have to say when Mufasa was on Skype last year and did his video “dub” of Wrecking Ball, it was hilarious. I was literally in tears and it was perfect. Imagine a man holding and kissing a ball, in short shorts and a white beater, the music picks up, he turns and throws the ball at the wall, then picks up a hammer to use it as a microphone stand, literally the most amazingly hilarious thing I’ve seen for ANY KSI event. 

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