How Spirit Week Makes KSI Stronger

Spirit Week makes KSI stronger. It’s important to know why it’s such a vital event.

This year marks the 3rd annual KSI spirit week.  Each year, spirit week brings something different to the table.  The ultimate holiday season for KSI where excitement is at an all time high, tournaments and tons of streaming.

So how does spirit week make KSI stronger?

An important aspect is that spirit week brings our members together. It’s the one event that brings members from all corners of KSI and allows them to compete, interact and game with one another.

Members make new friends from other divisions and squad they otherwise may not have met. From personal experience, I have met plenty of friends through spirit week events.

It is also a time where members get a chance to be stress free as spirit week offers members a chance to have fun as all regular events are put on hold.

Everyone joined KSI to game with friends and spirit week provides that. It also gives those members who enjoy competitive play a time to compete and represent their divisions with the numerous tournaments on Halo, Cod and for the social gamers events like Karaoke and pep rally.

Spirit week caters to all gamers.

Most importantly, Spirit Week raises the morale and attitudes of the members. Seeing the members having fun in the events on twitch brings joy to all members.  I remember when I watched the spirit week tournaments, I felt proud to be apart of KSI.

Spirit Week allows all members see that we all are equally important.

There would be captains facing off against sergeants in tournaments not caring about the ranks but caring about winning for their division.  No matter how big or small a division, every member in KSI is proud to represent their division whether that be wining or losing.

June 26, 2015 marks the beginning of this year’s spirit week with a pep rally.  It’s time to start cheering KSI; Spirit Week is just around the corner!

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