Where Spirit Week can go

Spirit Week has been going strong for a few years, but what can the future hold for the event?

Have you experienced a KSI Spirit Week before?

You have the initial pep rally that kicks off the week. The pep rally’s objective is to get the audience stoked and excited for the upcoming week ahead.

This is where KSI has had small little events and challenges. We’ve had how many can we get online the forums at one time. KSI also has small giveaways and competitions streaming through the Twitch stream.

Last year they had an Instagram challenge to show the most KSI spirit and tag KSI. It gets exciting to see what people do to show spirit.

Last year, KSI Southern 7 wrote KSI in big black marker on his forehead.

There are several things people are wishing to see for Spirit Week. KSI is looking for more spirit, more participants and more involvement.

However, what are the viewers wanting in the near future for KSI Spirit week?

“I wish to see more people active myself,”  KSI Bruce said. “Activity is what makes the event fun and special to KSI.”

“(I want) a  7’s competition, or an old school game type.”  KSI Terrors 7 said. “Co-Founders and higher are members of KSI too, let them participate or let them have their own small event for spirit week.”

“Destiny-related matches would be cool,” KSI December said.

Some want things that may not be so obvious.

“Something I think that would be cool for Spirit Week would be a talent show,” KSI Mpliers 7 said. “Sort of like Karaoke night but over Skype where they have a set time limit to present that talent.”.

In Spirit Week tournaments, there are prizes that can be given out. Stickers, T-Shirts, Turtle Beach headsets and more.

Last years 1st place Karaoke winner got a new set of Turtle Beaches for her Xbox while 2nd and 3rd both got KSI stickers.

KSI TROPHYHUNTR wants to see a Q&A that allows members to openly ask other members.

Spirit Week has been about being together strongly as a community.

Can Spirit week bring us closer then just a community? Possibly a Family? Spirit in the future holds so many possibilities.

More event days? GTA V competitions? Minecraft competitions like before? The ideas are endless.

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