Skarzx 77: 5 Ways to Recruit

KSI Skarzx 77 breaks down 5 different styles of recruiting. Try something different!

“Quality over Quantity”

We hear this phrase so many times and most of the time in KSI, it is typically referred to the method of recruiting. What this pretty much means is that we would rather have 2 good, solid, outgoing recruits as oppose to 15 random possibly toxic/good recruits that are seen as maybe a “gamble” style of recruiting.

I am in no way the world’s greatest recruiter, but I have recruited many people across many different game types successfully in my time here in KSI. To find quality, you will have to sift through a lot of people, but it is not impossible. The goal is that after you read this, you will be better prepared to find the diamonds in the rough.

5 Ways To Recruit

Basically, this will be a “5 different ways to recruit a person into KSI.” However, here is a quick disclaimer: You must actually know how to recruit and be willing to fail a bunch of times.

1. Friend Zoned

This is the tried and true way of finding new members, to simply become their friend. This can be broken down in one or two ways. In no way is it being suggested that you befriend people only to recruit them.

Basically, you meet someone in a game and they message you to join up and play, or you invite them to your party. You play a few games with them, spend time to get to know them. This can sometimes take a few days, or even weeks, to accomplish. However, this helps develop a relationship between the recruit and the recruiter, as well as other members of the squad.

As a Corporal or a Private, you can earn a gamertag change to represent KSI by earning referrals. Not all divisions within KSI operate with this option, but this will be helpful for the ones that do. Sometimes, when a new member joins KSI and wants to change their gamertag, they can tap into their already established friendships and see if they would also want to be apart of the “KSI experience.”

Both of these methods allow a new member to become a part of KSI already knowing people to ask their questions to, at least until they get fully acclimated and meet all the officers and understand the rank structure.

2. New Phone, Who Dis?

It is as simple as this: play games, send out a mass message. This recruiting style has been around for a long time and does have it’s benefits.

Whatever game you are trying to recruit for, load up a few matches sand fill out your recent players list. When that list is full, send out a mass message inviting them to learn more about KSI.

Normally, the message will look something like these examples:

    • Hey! I’m recruiting for KSI, a semi-competitive gaming community, and Ii was curious if you might be interested in learning more. Hit me up if you are!
    • Sick of queuing with rando’s? Well, hey I’m from a large gaming community called KSI and we are always looking to grow our player base! I ran into you a few games ago and thought you would make a great addition to our ranks if you are interested feel free to message me back and I can answer any questions that you may have!

Now the messages can change from person to person, and it is, in fact, better to personalize them.

Please keep in mind that we still want to get to know our recruits, so don’t forget to take the time to do so.

70% of the time you will be ignored, 5% of the time you will get a positive response, and the remaining 25% will most likely be people getting crude with you. Like any good salesman, however, getting your foot in the door can be a good first step to introducing them to the KSI lifestyle.

This method can be very useful if you do not have as much time to spend online as you do to answer messages through your phone or computer.

3. Gone Fishin’

An Xbox One recruiter’s best friend, Looking For Groups aka LFGs!

There are two ways to use LFGs.

First, send out a Looking For Group message on the Xbox One.

The second is to use an LFG application on your phone.

For both of these instances, you can personalize what you are looking for, such as age or microphone requirement, whether you are playing casual or competitive, etc.


“Recruiting for a KSI *game* squad. NO name change required. If you are looking for a group of gamers to play and create friendships, consider joining KSI today. Any questions let me know via message.”

4. Welcome to the Thunderdome!

So this can be a go-to, bread and butter, whatever you want to call it because its effectiveness is solely based on your abilities as oppose to the other methods. All you need to do this is a game, and, depending on the size of parties each game allows, enough people – including yourself – to allow for a full party, minus 2 empty spaces – for recruits.

You fill out those empty spots with potential recruits, whether it is through others’ friends lists or loading up with randoms, and PLAY SOME GAMES. As you’re playing, you can do some things to make recruitment easier such as security checking the members friends list, or paying attention to how they act/react to various stages of the game.

If you catch some rough losses as well as some overwhelming victories will help you to figure out how these potential recruits carry themselves. Once you are comfortable, you can pitch the recruitment. Or, also, as you are playing, you can drop information to let them know how you roll as a squad/division. At this moment, if they say yes or agree to be recruited, you can then send them and one of your already established party members to another party to do the recruitment, while you rinse and repeat, filling your lobby up with new people.

You can also do this on a wider scale by setting up teams of two or three in multiple parties, as long as each party has a recruiter present. When one leaves to go do the recruitment, there will still be someone available to continue the lobby, and rinse and repeat.

5. The Coliseum


The one of a kind event where you pit people against each other to determine who is the better gamer. It can bring out the best in people and the worst in so many ways, but ultimately, it is a tool you as a recruiter can use to bring in people.

Basically you run this in a basic format, 5 KSI members vs 5 non-KSI members and even incorporate a cash prize to “sweeten the pot.” This will show that being a member of your squad comes with the perks of competitive contests. That is appealing for SO many people because it can help them become better or simply hone their craft. However, micromanaging the parties can go tricky and you will need to be careful making sure the toxic and negative atmosphere does not take over the party.


These recruiting methods aren’t guaranteed, and a lot will depend on the game, timing, and people. However, the best way to be a recruiter is to never give up!

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