KSI Global Divisional Cup

Curious about this new Divisional Cup you have been hearing about? Check it out!

Divisional Cup

KSI’s Divisional Cup is all things KSI added together and judged by a point system this is a representation of the strength of leaders, a true test of which division is the strongest measuring gamers and member base. It is broken down by month based on a series of tasks, tourneys, events and participation; Each months the leader of the tally is awarded Division of the month. In addition All 4 major events of the community will be taken into account and points from all added to the years total ending with the Division of the Year. Divisional Cup runs from April to December Annually. Additional information can be found on the forums ksiforums.org and in the KSI handbook. Results will be posted on the forums under the DC 2018 Standings!

Come the Award Show in January the of the Divisional Cup will be also be awarded “Division Of The Year”. Also additionally, each month a Division with the most points awarded in that month will be awarded “Division Of The Month”

The Point System:

Monthly Points:

Divisional Milestone Program
Once a Division has achieved any of the DMP’s they will be awarded a point

Weekend Warfare
A point awarded per member signed up for each event

Head Hunters
Point Per Game played

Point per person who submits montage or clip to Productions for usage of social media and/or YouTube.

So You Think You Can Write
Point Per person for monthly SYTYCW Artical Submission

Of the Months
1 Points per member for submitting an OTM nomination

Monthly Spotlight
Point per member submitting a “Member Spotlight” and “7s Spotlight” to AAP for a News spotlight

Point per member’s question asked. Max Of 10, one per person. Quality not quantity.

Twitch Subs
Point awarded per member subscribing to KSI’s Twitch.

Divisional Growth
If as a Division starting each month you can grow by 10 members come the end of the month you will be awarded 10 points.

If as a division come the end of each month you hold the 1 Officer to 10 Member ratio your Division will be awarded 5 points

KSI’s Season From Spring Break to Award show. Points will be added

KSI’s 4 major events: Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, Turkey bowl

Points (Major Events)
Tournaments Team/FFA/7’s Events -Participation 1 point, 1st place 3 Additional Points, 2nd 2 additional points, 3rd 1 additional point

Forums Event: Participation 1 point, 1st place 4 additional points, 2nd 3 additional points, 3rd 2 additional points

Stay tuned!

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