KSI Forums Calendar

Unsure how to know whats happening when? Let us help you out!

“The TV Guide”

The Forums Calendar, commonly referred to by the productions team as the “KSI T.V. Guide”, is an easy-to-access resource for any member of KSI. It exists to benefit people by allowing them to see what KSI events are coming up. It also shows members where they can choose to become involved in the community!

Information on the calendar can be filtered by Month, Week, Day or by a specific Event. Some of the events frequently posted on the calendar are as follows.

What You Can Find:

Weekend Warfare
Production’s Streams
KSI Live Events
Educational Workshops
Scheduled Tournaments
Town Hall Meetings

Making squad members aware of the Forums Calendar can be a great step toward getting them more involved in KSI!

Finally, the Forums Calendar can be found on the KSI Forums website here. Calendar

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