Rockstar blows up cheaters in GTA V

Rockstar isn’t putting up with your shenanigans.

Earlier this month, some GTA V players found a cheat where players could transfer over a rare single player-only car into Online mode. As Rockstar patched this issue they decided to have some fun with it. This is not the usual clean up but rather a hilarious and awesome take on letting players know that the issue was fixed.

Now if players use the car, they are greeted with a warm and gigantic explosion the second they get into it. Rockstar could have simply gotten rid of the car or made it impossible to bring into GTA online, like most developers would, but nah. Bravo!

1 to Rockstar, 0 to the players.

Check out the hilarious video by xKoingWolfx that showcases the sweet moment of death

In case you missed the moment, heres a gif.


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