The KSI Web Staff is looking for applicants

KSI Web Staff has openings. Check it out and apply!

The KSI Web Staff is looking for new members to fill out the team. From the post:

We are currently looking for active community members who are willing to sit online on Xbox and accept member issues since it has recently come to my attention it’s pretty hard to get in contact with us.


We are looking for members who might have some forum experience, but if not that is something we can train, and a willingness to learn. Being social is a huge trait we are looking for because we need mods who can deal with members and get them in contact with the appropriate people. You do not have to currently be in clan ops to apply, but we do need you to have a good online edict and be very open to accepting invites and messages from members and responding promptly. On top of these duties, we also expect you to be able to pick up your tasks on the forums also which will be simply moderating your areas and keeping things civil on the forums.


We’re looking to fill 4 spots on the team right now, so if you think you can handle this role please apply. There is no special form just tell us why you think you deserve the position and post your gamer tag and what consoles you are currently on and, above all, Skype is necessary because our mod staff uses it to actively communicate daily so please post your Skype username and I will get in contact with you via Skype.

If you think this is you, apply here.

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