Relive KSI: Your most cherished moments

KSI members relive their best moments in this community. Check ’em out!

This series is dedicated to YOU!

As a member, you are important and make KSI what it is. Your contribution makes this community a home for all its members and whether that is you just chilling in a party, kicking butt in a game night or just simply being awesome!

We all have our weird, quirky, funny and rather embarrassing moments in KSI and I took it upon myself to gather as many as possible so we all can be noisy and see what the most cherished moments of our members

KSI Gr33nB3r3t – General – Archilles- Legendary Warriors

Mr. Greenbooty recalls one of his favourite moments in KSI to be his second day in KSI. “I was invited to come and play with a couple of KSI members on Ghosts. I believe it was a TDM on the map called Octane. We were playing for a good 5 minutes or so and the eventual GEN of the Lycans ES, KSI Flare calls in a care package in one of the back alleys of the map. I run over there, kill him, and steal his care package. He was irate! He yelled at me, telling me how disrespectful it was to steal a fellow KSI member’s care package and all that jazz. KSI Lily 7 (KSI lily at the time) was playing with us as well. She thought what I did was hilarious and so she pulls me into a party and we hit it off. That’s how I met one of my best friends in and out of KSI”


KSI Country 7 – Co-Founder – Legendary Warriors

“I have so many memories here in KSI and it’s hard to just pick one memory but I would have to say it was when me and my buddy KSIGr33nB3r3t were in a party one night listening to vine videos. We probably listened to about 30 or so vines that night but only one of them has stuck around. There was this little kid who had his head in a chair and he said, “Ready (clicked his tongue) or naw here I come”. Ever since then whenever we are in a party one of us repeats this vine and we get a laugh. Things like this make KSI awesome and a fun place to be even when you go through some hard times because you can think back to these memories.”


KSI GreendayFox – General – Abaddon – Wicked Intent

“ Well I can say my first moment I think was my favourite in KSI was a few days after I joined one of my Lieutenants (KSI VALI) in the squad and my Division Leader (KSI EXODUS 7) had told me I was showing really good potential and he had faith in me, I guess it was what gave me the drive to actually want to become more here. Oh last thing is best moment of all was meeting KSI Luci Lux 7 it was funny…and I had to geta bucket for all the drool he left from the licks of death!!!!”


KSI Havoc 7 – Divison Leader – Demonic Mayhem

Havoc recalls one particular day that he holds close to his heart “It was dark out and I was on my xbox and I was sitting in a party with some of my members and after some time a young lady with the softest voice joined and she stole my heart… she worked hard and now she is one of my generals”

KSI MightyMau5 – General – Menace- Demonic Mayhem

Mighty remembers when he was first recruited into KSI and one specific thing he recalls is when he said to KSI Havoc 7 (co-division leader) at the time that he was coming for his position. He said he used that charisma and drive at the time to go up the ranks. He especially recalls when a cofounder said being an officer is not for everyone and he relishes in proving them wrong and being a great officer who now has become a General having been through many obstacles through his rise.


KSI BrutalWolf- Staff Sergeant – Lethal – Demonic Mayhem

He recalls his first week he joined Brutal and that he met a lot of people but he specifically remembers the one person who stood out as a courageous and inspirational person and that being KSI Wasp. He took brutal under his wing and shared a lot of knowledge.


KSI Jessi – General – Brutal- Demonic Mayhem

One of my most favorite moments in KSI was when I was promoted to Captain. I can recall every time I had been promoted whether to SSGT or LT I had always been trolled just before I was promoted and fell for it every time naïve I know. This one time I was in a party with KSI Smokiey 7, KSI Havoc 7 and a few other members I don’t specifically recall but I remember the party being rather full of 7s. KSI Smokiey 7 then starts to go on saying Jessi I have pulled you in this party because I have had some rather unsettling reports of your behavior. You are being rather flirtatious and inappropriate and making members feel uncomfortable. I remember being extremely confused and gobsmacked. I was dead silent and kept thinking to myself “what! What! But that’s not me I don’t do that” She then goes on to say go to your motto and change your LT to 4CPT. I still didn’t realize what she had said because I was so caught up trying to figure out whether I had been inappropriate with anyone and was just silent. Lets just say the party was rather silent and they patiently waited for me to catch on that I was being promoted.

Smokes starts to laugh and I just sat in the party gobsmacked and being rather annoyed that I had fell for it yet again. Then Havoc chimes in “remember Jessi Punish in private and Praise in Public!”

Thank you all who participated and sharing your favourite KSI moments

If you would like to take part in this series of Reliving KSI send KSI Jessi a PM on the forums or comment below!

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