Opinion: “No one wants games designed by spotty nerds”

In an exclusive interview with The Independent, John Cridland, a CBI boss, made some disparaging comments about “spotty nerds.” What is your opinion?

In an exclusive interview with The Independent, John Cridland a CBI boss said: “One of the biggest growth industries in Britain today is the computer games industry.

“We need extra coders – dozens and dozens of them but nobody is going to play a game designed by a spotty nerd. We need people with artistic flair.”

In a short quotation, Cridland has managed to jam-pack layers of prejudice and misunderstanding all in one quote. Whatever dismissive noun you choose to apply to the term nerd, those kids are doing pretty darn well, we simply haven’t changed the world, we effectively own it.

Ever heard of Facebook, Google, Apple or TwitchTv? Nerds formed all these companies working, obsessing and experimenting often in basements or garages in the early stages of creating these companies.

In the last decade the video game industry has diversified massively, small teams and lone developers are able to create and distribute them online to a global audience meaning that the medium is now a major creative and communicative outlet.

We can see games as self-expressive and John Cridland is stuck with an outdated outlook on the video games industry, its creators and its target market.

What do you think about Cridland’s statement? Have an opinion? Let us know.

Check out the full interview on The Independent here.

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