Mobile Gaming Preview: Octopus 8 Studios

KSI Jessi tested some mobile games for Octopus 8 Studios. Here are 4 upcoming titles that are free and exciting.

Recently I was a game tester for four upcoming games released for IOS and Android mobile platforms. The company, Octopus 8 Studios, has been around for about a year and these 4 upcoming games are pretty sweet… and free!

Potion Pets

A game where you can take care of fantasy pets, as they help you run a business selling potions! Train, gain more experience and send your pets to deliver potions! It’s a sweet little game that’s has many mini games with awesome art so give it a quick wiz.


Brittle Light

Influenced by Tim Burton’s films such as The Nightmare before Christmas with a sketch like design and dark color palette. The hero enters numerous rooms filled with creepy monsters and must defeat them all with different weapons before they can move on to the next room.

Each monster has an individual method of attack and defense, and the lead character appears as a different color according to the weapon he is currently using.



A 2D, side-viewer tower defense game with a unique twist. You save the waves of Citizens instead of stopping them, and defend them from disguised and dangerous Monsters.

Use a varied arsenal of Scanners to reveal the Monsters and evacuate the Citizens, think critically to optimize complex energy circuits and clear as many floors as you can.


Chains of Gaia

A cross between Candy Crush and Space Invaders, this game is a balance of two missions merged into one – solving puzzles by matching objects in a grid, and defending the kingdom from constantly attacking enemies at the same time. The enemies move down from the sky and the player needs to decide how they will destroy them before they reach the end with the arsenal supplied.

Check out Octopus 8 Studios and more of their stuff here.

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