The Importance of KSI L.E.A.D courses

KSI L.E.A.D courses develop and enhance leaders in KSI, and those interested in leading should take part in the program.

Becoming a leader is an important thing itself, but L.E.A.D courses can make you a better leader.

In KSI, there are leadership development classes by the name of LEAD. The LEAD program is based off the old FTLA education program.

LEAD is an acronym that stands for Leadership Enhancement, Advancement and Development. Within the program, there are 10 courses in both the 101 and 201 class.

You don’t have to take the classes in sequential order to pass the course.

You can take L.E.A.D 101 starting at a Lieutenant, and anyone above that rank may take the class as well.

It consists of 5 classes: Purpose of Leadership, Building the Foundation, Dealing with Issues, Motivation, and Leaders Leading Leaders. Once you pass the 101 class, you can move on to the 201 class

You can take the L.E.A.D 201 class when you have passed the 101 class, but you must be a Co-Founder or higher.

Like the 101 class, the 201 class also consists of 5 classes: Identifying Who You Are as a Leader, Diversity Among Members, Security and Awareness, Leading By Example, and Creating Opportunities.

During the class, you are expected to take notes, so you can look back upon the things that were went over. These classes not only teaches you how to be a better leader, but it also gives you knowledge to teach to others. They are also a good way to get out there and meet new people around the community.

“These classes are educational, fun, informative, energetic and most of all they are engaging,” KSI Greg 7 said.

If you are looking to learn new knowledge and want to better yourself as a leader, L.E.A.D is the way to go.

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