Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

New Game Section Moderators

Read about the new GSM role for Web Operations

Applications have closed and the new GSM’s have be appointed! The GSM position is a new role in Web Operations. This role is meant to work with the current standing Forums Moderators to keep the Gaming Area on the KSI Forums up to date.

Forum Mods will be making sure GSMa??s are active in their assigned areas, posting consistently, maintaining interaction with members and representing Web Ops in a positive manner on the forums. Moving forward, we intend for the GSM role to a prerequisite to becoming a Forum Moderator. GSMa??s who are productive, dependable and committed to promoting positive forums activity, will be the first potential candidates in line to become the next Forum Mods.

New GSM’s

Many applied to become a GSM on the forums, congratulations to the following people on being hired:

  • KSI Galahad 7
  • KSI Akame 7
  • KSIxRONL65x7
  • KSI Sungazer 7
  • KSI Melodias
  • KSI LilDreamer
  • KSI Pathfinder

GSM Roles

Their responsibilities are:

  • GSM’s will maintain a high quality of content in the KSI Gaming Area. This includes Game Updates threads, Game Info threads and General Chat threads.
  • GSM’s will be expected to encourage members to utilize the KSI Gaming Area in personal, squad and division-related ways.
  • GSM’s will be tasked to update and maintain the relevance of all existing and future game sections falling under Adventure, First Person Shooter and MMORPG.

Please visit the KSI Gaming Area. For more information on this Section and an idea of how it works read KSI Harmony 7’s article:

For more information on the GSM Role read KSI December 77’s article:

Celebrate good times!

The News Team sends their Congratulations to those chosen to be our very first Game Section Moderators! Keep an eye on your favorite games in this section for continuous hype and updates! Start a fun conversation or hop into an ongoing chat.

Please message KSI December 77, KSI xKing 77 or KSI RiiOT 7 for more information!

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