What Makes An Approachable Leader

Leadership is not JUST about leading. It’s also about the approach!

Have you ever asked yourself what makes you a great leader? Some may say it’s the way they handle issues or the way they lead a squad or Division. I believe what makes a great leader is being approachable to members and leaders alike. Not drawing a line in the sand at your rank is the biggest key to being an accessible leader. 

When a member decides to become an officer their first question to themselves should be “what kind of leader do I want to be?” It’s only then do you know the path you will take in KSI. For me it was to make everyone feel just as important as the highest rank in KSI.

We Are All Gamers!

All ranks are important and everyone should feel that way. As an officer in a squad I gamed with all ranks from PVT’s to 7’s and we always made those parties as comfortable and open as possible. Taking the time to take your rank out of the equation allows members to see you as just a member wanting to help or get to the bottom of something. I believe it’s not necessary to join every party and instantly throw your rank on the table. 

Lead By Example

As I climbed in rank I made it a point to be out with my squad as much as possible. For me that meant being with members sometimes more then my officers. Letting members see me as a member too. Not a CPT, Gen, or whatever rank I was at the time but a member. One of the things I learned from the members is that leaders with a 7 in their name made them uncomfortable. It was from that point on I decided that if I was ever privileged enough to become a 7 in this community I wanted to and was going to change that. One thing I continued to do once I earned my 7 was to game with the members of my division and not isolate myself to officers and 7s.

The biggest part of being approachable is just simply being kind and listening. Don’t ever think you are better than the ranks below you, because at the end of the day you are every rank you’ve ever held. Allowing members to see you as a member and doing the things we ask of our members and officers gives them the opportunity to see a different side of you.

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