Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Game Section Mod (GSM) Announcement!

Did you know KSI has 20 different gaming sections? Everything from adventure games, to first person shooters, to MMORPG’s and Sports Games. Now’s your chance to get involved at ground zero. Read on!

Starting this Fall, Web Operations will be introducing a new staff role to the community: Game Section Moderators (GSM’s)

These individuals will operate in conjunction with our Forum Moderators, focusing on the one, main thing that brings all KSI members together – GAMING. Whether you’re an Adventure gamer, a hardcore FPS player, or simply prefer wandering through a realm on an unending quest – KSI has a place (and a forums section!) for you. 

If you’re passionate about the games you play and you’re interested in joining Web Operations to assist in the development of the KSI Gaming Area, consider applying to be a Game Section Moderator.


GSM Roles

  • GSM’s will maintain a high quality of content in the KSI Gaming Area. This includes Game Updates threads, Game Info threads and General Chat threads.
  • GSM’s will be expected to encourage members to utilize the KSI Gaming Area in personal, squad and division-related ways.
  • GSM’s will be tasked to update and maintain the relevance of all existing and future game sections falling under Adventure, First Person Shooter and MMORPG.


GSM Duties

  • Maintaining individual activity in the KSI Gaming Area sections
  • Researching and posting relevant Game Updates (updates, patches, DLCa??s, events, new content, etc)
  • Posting polls in assigned game sections to encourage member participation and activity 
  • Encouraging member involvement in the KSI Gaming Area sections
  • Plugging the KSI Game Area and sections across the forums, in the shoutbox, in their divisiona??s Discord servers and by word of mouth
  • Helping to maintain and strengthen the relevancy of the KSI Game Area sections by consistently informing members of and bringing them to the sections
  • Utilizing section mod capabilities in order to keep the KSI Gaming Area sections organized, active and relevant


Coming This Fall…

  • GSM Applications will be posted in the Join A Department section from September 26th – October 5th.
  • Ideally, Web Ops will be hiring eight (8) GSM applicants.
  • Interviews will be conducted by KSI December 77, KSI xKing 77 & KSI RiiOT 7.
  • GSM’s will be paired with current Forum Mods for training and supervision after their initial orientation.*
  • Since the GSM position will fall under the umbrella of Web Ops, GSM’s will work alongside and report directly to Forum Mods, Senior Mods and the CAO.


*Forum Mods will play a key role in makingA?sure GSM’sA?are active in their assigned areas, posting consistently, maintaining interaction with members and representing Web Ops in a positive manner on the forums. Moving forward, we intend for the GSM role to a prerequisite to becoming a Forum Moderator. GSM’s who are productive, dependableA?and committed to promotingA?positive forums activity, will be the first potential candidates in line to become the next Forum Mods.

Please message KSI December 77, KSI xKing 77 or KSI RiiOT 7 for more information!

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