Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Are You Ready for FC19?


It’s finally here! This weekend, KSI will kick off it’s LEGENDARY annual Fall event. Prepare yourself for Fall Classic 2019.


Event Schedule

Speak with any of your division’s leaders if you’re interested in participating!

Day 1A?- Thursday 9/26

  • Opening Stream & Forums Challenge (KSILive @ 7:30pm EST)
  • Prominence Poker (7a??s Event) – Ring Tournament (KSILive @ 8:00pm EST)
  • Grand Theft Auto V – Overtime Rumble (KSILive2 @ 8:00pm EST)

Day 2A?- Friday 9/27

  • Halo 5 – 4v4 Capture The Flag Tournament (KSILive @ 8:00pm EST)
  • Black Ops 4 – 4v4 Heist Tournament (KSILive2 @ 8:00pm EST)

Day 3A?- Saturday 9/28

  • KaraokeA?- “One Hit Wonders” Theme (KSILive @8:00pm EST)
  • Apex LegendsA?- Speed Run Tournament (Not Streamed)

Day 4A?- Sunday 9/29

  • Closing Ceremony – Divisional Hall of Fame announcements & Community News (KSILive @ 7:30pm EST)
  • Black Ops 4 – Gun Battles TDM (KSILive @ 8:00pm EST)


Forums Challenge

Forums Challenge Poll

  • This poll and thread will open at 7:30pm EST on Thursday 9/26 and close at 7:30pm EST on Sunday 9/29.
  • Members are permitted to vote one (1) time.
  • To receive the FALL CLASSIC 2019 award, members must vote AND reply to the thread with their home division. (Members not currently in Clan Ops may also reply to the thread to receive the award.)
  • The division with the highest amount of poll votes will win the Forums Challenge Poll.


  • The Division that wins the Forums Challenge will be awarded four (4) points to be counted toward their Fall Classic point total
  • Second place will be awarded three (3) points
  • Third place will be awarded two (2) points
  • All other divisions will be awarded one (1) point for participation if they receive 20 or more votes

Any member found violating forums policy by creating new accountsA?or by logging in for others, will be banned immediately and disqualified from Fall Classic events. Don’t cheat!


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