Back To The Basics

The goal of KSI is to provide a safe and welcoming place for gamers to network and enjoy a common hobby — gaming. In providing that atmosphere, we strive to improve our structure and procedures to provide the most fun and involvement we can.

Sometimes great ideas on paper are implemented and the results do not match what was foreseen, and when that happens, we have to reassess and correct course. 

Divisional Cup is one of those situations. While a great idea for a year-round Divisional competition, the requirements it has placed on Clan Ops has been more burdensome than anticipated. Additionally, the fun, light-hearted spirit of competition has morphed into a bloodlust for points and placements and divisional superiority. 

It is because of those reasons that as of Sunday, September 15, 2019, the KSI Board of Directors agreed on a revamp of the Divisional Cup and additional areas.


The changes are simple. Listed, they include:

  • Divisional Cup’s current format will be abandoned and re-introduced as an Annual Events competition. To win Divisional Cup, the only events that will net points will be Spring Break, Spirit Week, Donor’s Weekend, Fall Classic and Turkey Bowl. 
  • Participation in our Department and Forums events will still be encouraged, but will be announced through Forums Announcements, News Site Newsletters, and Clan Ops meeting notes.
  • Departments will be asked to reassess the programs they offer and consider their benefit to the enjoyment of the community.
  • Clan Ops Leaders will be met with and encouraged to remember the reason people join KSI — to have fun and explore their interests with other gamers. Requirements of members to participate in events they may not otherwise want to runs counter to what we want KSI to stand for.
  • We will still announce the Divisional Cup winner at Award Show based on the results of major events, but we will use a more well-rounded and less promoted criteria to name our Division of the Year. Division of the Year for 2019 will NOT be announced solely according to which division wins Divisional Cup. There can be a separate Divisional Cup winner and Division of the Year.

KSI should be a fun place for gamers to enjoy, not a stressful monotony of different requirements to fulfill. We heard your voices in the recent and ongoing Community Survey and we’ve heard your voices in parties. This is the first step to reshaping KSI into a better image from the feedback you’ve provided us. 

Thank you for your feedback and continue to provide it. The Community Survey will be available through the end of September, and we will continue working to improve KSI for the benefit of the members.

Thank you,
KSI ImPyyy 7
Chairman and CEO

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