September Poll (AKA Fall is here)

Fall. Is. Here. Can you guess how we like to spend it?

In preparation for the big events to come this year and in anticipation of changing seasons, we ran a September Opinion Poll! This is where we took advantage of the opportunity to hear from our members!

We found this is a fun way to learn more about your fellow KSI members and have a little chuckle while doing so. I know I can’t be the only one writhing with excitement for the extra chill in the air, hot beverages and more! So far September is most definitely bringing in those vibes.

Best Fall Drink

Fall is coming, the trees will soon start to change and begin to lose their leaves. I can’t think of anything much better to fight the chill than a cozy beverage. We asked KSI – What is the best Fall drink?

I assumed coffee would win without contest and it DID win out the race with 8 votes. (Coffee also tied for first place with our beloved Hot Chocolate!) A lot of nostalgia comes to mind when thinking of the cozy warmth of them both! A close second is Apple Cider with 6 votes. The ever popular Pumpkin Spice Latte only roped in 3 votes. Sadly Cranberry tea don’t receive any love this time.

Best Fall activity

We all enjoy taking advantage of this time of year. We asked the community what activities they enjoy the very most. Haunted Houses came out the very clear winner with eleven votes.

Not a huge shocker because our members often enjoy the thrills that come from gaming on the scariest games imaginable. Second place is a tie between Going to the Fair and Carving Pumpkins. Third we had the funniest option: Rolling/Kicking/Shoving other people into piles of leaves. Two people enjoy this. Corn Mazes stood alone with zero points which is a bit sad because Corn Mazes are amazing!

Best Fall Apparel

This was technically a poll to see what the community thinks is the best apparel but ended up being a poll about Hoodies and Sweaters. Both of which got an astounding 19 votes. Leggings got a bit of love with 3 votes and Uggs, Chunky Knit Scarves and Slipper Socks all respectively earned one vote apiece!

Coffee is the best beverage ever.  I almost picked pushing people into leaves, but honestly if I did that then ’d be the one who got poked in the eye with a stick. And a hoodie is good for anytime of year. 

KSI CalamityMo – Demonic Mayhem

Get ready, Get hyped!

Fall Classic is rapidly approaching. The official start of Fall is coming as well. Embrace the chill in the air, the sweat on foreheads and the competitive haze that is starting to fill the air this September! Be looking to answer more fun polls in the near future!

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