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SYTYCW Winner: August 2019

Augusta??s SYTYCW Winner. Read about the one thing he wants to be the best at.

Augusta??sA?So You Think You Can WriteA?topic was “The Best You Can Be” – If you could choose somethingA?to excel in, what would it be? Big or small, crazy or practical, boring or awesome – the choice is yours.


The Winner Is…

  • KSI Starset 7 (General of Elysium DW)

The one thing I want to beA?the best at: Fashion Design

I want to be the best at fashion design because it is one of the most fascinating things in my opinion. As the world changes, so does fashion. Ita??s always about whata??s the hottest thing right now, and who made it. I aspire to be like the fashion designers that I look up to. The top 5 I look up to are: Kanye West, Jerry Lorenzo, Virgil Abloh, Takashi Murakami, and Pharrell Williams. Each of these individuals have different motives and all give off a different message in their clothing and/or accessory designs. For instance, Kanye WestA?& Jerry Lorenzo are focused on a flowing style to where most of the clothing runs oversized. As to where, Pharrell Williams & Takashi Murakami are all about vibrant and outlandish colors and color schemes. Virgil Abloh, my favorite designer at the moment, seems to be the outcast of all designers. He is more focused on an industrial look mixed in with urban culture. Virgil is all about being different and trying something new. He is currently the Head Mena??s Designer at Louis Vuitton and the Owner/CEO of Off-White. I aspire to be like these men listed aboveA?because I have my own brand I am working on. Ia??ve studied how much work and effort it takes on both the design and business aspects. Fashion is something that the whole world notices, and Ia??m just trying to get exposure to be noticed. I want to be a successful designer and business owner to provide a better life for myself, my family, and the people around me. I feel as if my clothing could mean something to someone one day. I want to be able to leave a positive impact on as many lives as I can in my time on Earth. That is why I want to be the best at my craft, fashion design. As stated earlier, the fashion world is ever-changing and hopefully I can make it to the top and be one of those people that someone can look up to in the future.


Congratulations to Starset and many thanks to everyone who participated last month! Remember, taking part inA?SYTYCWA?earns your division points towards theA?Divisional Cup! Get out there and participate!

A?-A?KSI December 77 & theA?News Team

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