Member Spotlight: KSI Bearded 7

KSI Bearded 7 has seen a lot in KSI, and he shares his story with KSI News.

KSI DrDeath was recruited into KSI on August 24, 2015 by a good friend of his KSI Ragnar. He didn’t know what was down the road for him in Last Strike.

“In my time with LS, I have accomplished some amazing things,” Bearded said. “I split two different squads, Asgard and Forsaken and received the resurrection award of turning the division around, which started at 118 members to 300.”

He also participated in the 2016 Halo 5 Spirit Week competition, which helped bring home the Spirit Week victory for LS. this year he also won the Spirit Week Directors’ Cup.

He also implemented the idea to get new recruits on to the forums as part of the recruiting process.

“There were some struggles along the way as well,” he said. “I lost all of his 7’s in his division and had to find new replacements and I feel strongly that this is by far his greatest accomplishment.”

KSI Bearded 7 moved up the ranks pretty fast.

He was promoted to each rank about once a month all the way to Director, after taking 8 months to become a General.

He joined the News Team when he was a LT and now holds the position of Co-Head. He loves writing for the news team and is also working on a Novel of his own in his free time.

Some of his other hobbies include playing the bass guitar and of course playing video games. Some of his favorite video games are Final Fantasy 7, Halo 3, Smite and ARK. He also had his own music band for a while.

“My favorite part of the community is meeting new people with different personalities,” Bearded said.

I first met Bearded 7 when I was trying to reach out to other divisions and I can tell you first hand that he welcomed all of my ideas into the community.

KSI is truly lucky to have a great asset.

KSI True 7 and KSI Kenpachi are Bearded’s mentors. They helped propel himself into greatness.

KSI Bearded  7 is currently a Director over Wicked Destruction and Demonic Mayhem. Now we just have to wait to see what his future holds.

“I believe if you build greatness around you, that you can achieve anything that stands in front of you. In 5 years I in vision myself as the brand of KSI.”

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