Weekend Warfare Recap: R6 Siege TDM

It took five hours, but one team stood above the rest in last night’s Rainbow 6: Siege tournament.

With a strong response of teams signed up, we started the tournament with 15 teams. The game type was Team Deathmatch 3v3, double elimination. Everyone was excited to get started and see who the crown would go to.

A wide variety of ranks and divisions within KSI were represented at the event, a 3 v. 3 Team Deathmatch tournament on Rainbow 6: Siege.

After three rounds the competition started to thin out and get down to the better teams. With the elimination of a few teams, it came down to those left to lead their team to victory.

When all the dust had settled at the end of the night, after almost 5 hours of brutal combat, one team stood above all the rest.

The team of COD Rising, SGT Dragon 80, and The0neGuardian were alone at the top of the list. Those three went through the whole tournament undefeated, which was no simple task.

After a heated battle in the finals, SupaSavage’s team came up just short. Close competition all around, but it came down to the finals for each team to prove who was the best.

Rounding out the podium coming in third place was the team of Skarz, Grimshot, and butters. A valiant effort and job well done –a respectable finish in a very large tournament.

A very competitive game, mixed with 15 different teams, made for an exciting tournament. I even participated with a team of 7s. It was a good time for everyone involved, and I look forward to covering more Weekend Warfare events.

It is always exciting to see how many different ranks and members sign up. With the Weekend Warfare, rank and standing in the community have nothing to do with it. It allows members from all over get to know each other, when other times it wouldn’t be so readily available.

Tournaments are hosted every Saturday at 8 p.m. EST, so keep an eye on the forums, and listen for announcements of upcoming events.

Next weekend will be an Overwatch 1 v. 1 Mystery Duel, along with an Uno tournament, which will be hosted on a third party website.

Big shout out to KSI Igan, and KSI ShadowFoxx for hosting and steaming the tournament. It wouldn’t be possible without the staff to stream and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Thank you guys for all you do, and thank you to all the participants for showing up and having a great time.

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