‘Happy Hour’ Recap: Shots Fired – July 14, 2017

Get a recap from Friday night’s Happy Hour, which featured a new “Shots Fired” game for the panel.

Good afternoon, readers! KSI Gambit 7 reporting to you again on this lovely Saturday with a recap of our events from Happy Hour yesterday on July 14, 2017.

This week’s topic and game covered a mashup of “World of Tanks,” with a series of both KSI and non-KSI related questions answered by the panel on stream.

Despite the slight hick-ups from Akame’s accent, the questions flowed smoothly and the panel did their best to answer the questions as appropriately as possible, which led to a lot of great topics of discussion.

The questions asked to the panel were pulled from a list of 250 questions at random, some of which came from the viewers at home. These questions ranged anywhere from the realm of serious to that of the complete opposite as the night progressed forward.

Some of the most notable questions were:
“How do you define happiness?”
“What is the best childhood memory you can think of?”
“What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?”
“If you could turn invisible, where would you go and what would you do?”

These questions generated a multitude of answers from the panel, causing lots of laughs, positive vibes, good advice, and lots of judgement toward  KSI Bearded 7, who apparently ate a dog treat!

Overall, Happy Hour was filled with fun, entertainment, and the KSI spirit we all know and love.

For anyone who has not been a part of the stream before or has never tuned into watch one, what are you waiting for? Happy Hour is the perfect time to grab some squad mates or friends, tune into the stream, and enjoy a relaxed Friday night filled with entertainment from your Happy Hour staff and guests.

To get involved with Happy Hour, please tune into the stream at 9 p.m. EST at twitch.tv/ksilive and say hello in the chat box!

As always, huge thanks to the viewers, but especially to the Productions and Happy Hour staff and guests, which included:

KSI x Karma 7
KSI BrknAkame 7
KSI Bearded 7
KSI Badkitty 7
KSI Hebrew 7
KSI Uber Lux 7
KSI Igan

If you want to watch the entire episode, watch the video embedded at the top of this story. Thanks for reading, see you all next Friday!

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