Game Review: ‘Life is Strange’

If you’re looking for a game that is relaxing, but tests your mind, “Life is Strange” is for you.


Life is Strange is a story game in which every decision you make affects the story. You play as Max Caulfield, a time warrior, and a student in photography in Arcadia Bay.

One day, you are given the chance to save a girl that was shot, thus beginning your journey as a time warrior.

During the story, you are given a series of choices, and if you do not like the outcome, no worries, you can just turn back time and try again.

However, your power sometimes is not available, and that happens at the most “convenient” time.

Upon saving the girl that was shot, you find out that this girl’s name is Chloe, your old best friend, and now partner in crime.

You two set out to find out the mystery behind the disappearance of Rachel Amber, though you don’t exactly know what you are getting into. Every little decision you make affects the outcome of your story.

You are put through a series of tests throughout five days, knowing that Arcadia Bay torn apart by a tornado on Friday, which you’ve seen in a vision.

At the end, are given the choice between going back and stopping the tornado with the cost of a life of someone close to you, or let the tornado tear up your long time home and everyone that is there.


All in all, the game was a great play and it definitely knows how to throw unexpected things your way.

It challenges you by making you perform certain tasks without your rewind power. It also does tug at your heartstrings a bit, if you are like me and you get emotionally attached to games.

The downsides to this game are that the graphics aren’t the best, and the game does have some sensitive content. It also comes in five parts so you have to buy each part separately and you do not get the full story if you do not get all of them.

That being said, I still rather enjoyed this game as it has a great storyline, even though it can be confusing at time.  Like all great stories it all comes together in the end.

If you enjoy a laid back story game that at times tests you with different puzzles, and also displays the butterfly effect vividly, then I highly suggest this game for you.

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