KSI Weekly Update – Member Involvement

The KSI Weekly Update returned after a 2-year hiatus. This week’s topic — KSI Member Involvement.

KSI News and KSI Productions teamed up on Friday, March 18 to bring back a member favorite — The KSI Weekly Update.

A 30-45 minute show revolving around KSI news and conversation, the show was received well by the viewers.

In total, about 25 members tuned in to the show at 7 p.m. EST on the KSI Live Twitch channel. Each Friday at that same time, the show will be on, and as the show continues to be a part of KSI’s production/streaming lineup, we hope to draw more viewers.

The point of this week’s show and discussion was KSI member involvement and engagement. In general, it was an attempt to advertise and shed light on what KSI offers as a community — both on Xbox and through the World Wide Web.

KSI CheddarBob, KSI Mpliers, KSI M1GHTY 7, KSI Kilamanjaro and KSI Akame 7 joined host KSI ImPeRiiuM 7 to share some stories and thoughts about what members should know and do to get more involved in KSI and make the most of their KSI experience.

The show directly preceded the weekly 7s vs. Viewers live stream.

The show is embedded above and will be uploaded weekly to KSI’s YouTube channel, TheKSIProductions. Give the video a watch and provide us feedback on what you liked, what you want to be discussed on future shows, and how we can improve the show in the future.

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