KSI Weekend Recap: Town Hall and GTA V Race

Get the full recaps of both the KSI Weekly Update and Weekend Warfare.

KSI held two separate events this weekend as has been the case for the past few months. However, we have a chance to catch you up on what you might have missed from both events.

The KSI Weekly Update topic was a Town Hall. The Twitch stream topped out at 35 members, and questions ranged from personal histories to best moments to random, quirky details.

The show in its entirety can be seen below. Host KSI Akame 7 led the stream. Weekly Updates can be seen and participated in every Friday evening at 8 p.m. EST.

KSI Weekend Warfare this weekend was based on Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One.

There were 11 sign-ups to compete in the Muscle Car races. All 11 contestants got into a lobby and went head-to-head, with everyone moving on each round except for the last two finishers.

“It was a great turn out,” Event Host and Director KSI Mpliers 7 said. “This is the most signups we’ve gotten for an Xbox One tournament in a long time. For awhile, we struggled to get Xbox One signups, but tonight was great.”

The mood in the party was light and playful. Each participant had a fun time jousting and fighting with other members to move forward in the tournament. Many participants were upset with Mpliers’ decision to leave traffic on.

“This would be easier IF PLIERS TURNED OFF THE TRAFFIC,” KSI HAWK16969 said.

“Why would you put traffic on?!” KSIx Ninjaa yelled when he got stuck behind a pileup in the final race. “And get this damn van out of the way.”

Yeah, that was Mpliers’ van. In the way. Of course.

The goal of the night was just not finish in the last two positions. It was also a challenge because without a spectator mode, Mpliers was an obstacle in the race himself as he tried to record the event.

Due to connection issues, the final five became a final four. KSI GameCrazy 7, KSI HAWK16969, KSIx Ninjaa, and KSI MrMcJibblet  made up those final four participants. GameCrazy, Hawk and Ninja all moved on to the championship race.

GameCrazy led for most of the final race, but hit a telephone pole to allow Hawk to secure the victory.

“I still had fun,” GameCrazy said.

Ninja dominated most of the races, but finished in third place.

“We all finished in first place; I don’t care what the scoreboard said,” Hawk said. “We all showed up, had a great time, met new friends, and enjoyed racing tonight. It was great.”

Final Results:

1) KSI HAWK16969 – TI

2) KSI GameCrazy 7 – DR

3) KSIx Ninjaa – LW

Next week’s events include a Weekly Update focused on KSI’s Departments, while Weekend Warfare will be a 2 v. 2 Rocket League tournament on Xbox One on July 16. Sign-ups can be found here.

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