KSI Viral Videos – (Feb. 11, 2017)

We have Battlefield 1 guns, Call of Duty news, Halo 3, FIFA, Rocket League, and Ryan Cabrera singing a song.

It is time for another installment of Viral Videos! It’s the third week of this series, and people seem to be enjoying it.

Oh, you’re not? Well, shut up.

Here we go.

Here’s some new Battlefield 1 weapons that will coming out soon. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s fake news. Consider this our disclaimer that I didn’t feel like confirming that this is legit.

This one isn’t new, but it’s damn good. It’s a montage of Walshy and others kicking ass on Halo 3. We here at Viral Videos do enjoy throw backs from time to time, so enjoy. (Halo 3 was so good.)

Two concepts. Four words. Rocket League. Hot Wheels. Yep, Hot Wheels are coming to Rocket League on February 21, so check it out.

Call of Duty has gotten out of hand. At least in my opinion, anyway. But apparently Sledgehammer, who will be doing the next Call of Duty game this fall, wants to get “back to its roots.”

What does that mean? Shoot, I don’t know, but here’s some dude people know talking about it.

Some guy put together a team of the smallest possible players and put them against the tallest possible players on FIFA 17.

Well, OK then.

Finally, here’s Ryan Cabrera’s 2004 hit “On The Way Down.” Why? I don’t know. Heard it on the radio a few days ago and just wondered what ever happened to him?

If you know what ever happened to Ryan, let us know.


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