Opinion: The Importance of Having a Mentor

Mentoring is important to the future of KSI. Take advantage of the knowledge and leadership skills around you.

Mentor, by definition, means “an experienced and trusted advisor.” However, to mentor is to advise and train. Every leader in this community should be capable of this.

Mentoring in KSI is of huge importance for the future of our community. We, as a community, are consistently undergoing changes. Over time, leaders change, rules and regulations change. People have a tendency to come and go.

We are always in need of strong, dependable leaders. We consistently need to train and prepare the next generation of KSI.

As of right now, we have a marvelous group of dedicated and knowledgeable leaders whose experiences and expertise are underutilized. We should take advantage of these leaders in the aspect of learning and furthering the betterment of the KSI experience.

Any future leader of this community should take initiative to learn from the people who are leaders in this community and find a mentor that matches their own leadership style.

Personally, the most impacting mentor I have had is KSI Mpliers 7. He has taught me more about leadership than anyone else I know. His insight showed me how to make completely unbiased decisions. The activity he shows encourages me to integrate myself with the people I do this for. The laughter we share allows me to realize that we are in KSI for fun and for friends.

Moreover, any different variety of values and insights can be taught, depending on the mentor and the mentee. The key is finding someone who understands your faults and is willing to work with you and teach you.

Surprisingly enough, there are a number of leaders who mentor many people across the community, such as KSI ImPeRiiuM 7 and KSI Greg 7. Both of these individuals hold a large amount of knowledge and like to impart that knowledge into the leaders throughout KSI.

Of course, I could never include every great leader in KSI into one article as there are far too many as it is. Every division has a variety of leaders with a vast expanse of experiences, so don’t even limit your learning experience to simply one person. No doubt, we all learn from everyone around us. We consistently pay attention to the way leaders handle problems or conduct themselves.

It is important, however, to find someone you can trust to learn from. Having a mentor helps with the fact that we don’t vent down the ranks. A mentor that you trust allows you to vent to your fullest extent and test your boundaries. Strangely enough, we all make mistakes and we all learn from them. Be that as it may, having a safety net allows you to be able to learn to the fullest of your extent.

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