KSI ‘Upload Studio’ Montage Competition

Starting Feb. 1, KSI Productions will begin hosting a monthly “Upload Studio” montage competition.


Starting in February, Productions will be supporting (what we hope will be) monthly montage competitions using Xbox One’s Upload Studio.

All KSI members can participate using the free application, and this is how.

1) Feb. 1, the thread for February’s competition will open. Some months may have themes the montages must meet, like top kills or freak occurrences, but the first month will be anything.

2) The montage you make through Upload Studio using clips you saved to your Xbox One game DVR should be linked in the topic from XboxClips.com

3) When you go to XboxClips, just type in your gamertag (all lower case) to find your montage you produced in Upload studio and saved on your account.

4) When you link your montage, you will fill out a short form that will ask your gamer tag, squad and division, and a short description of your montage.

5) The topic will stay open for two weeks, and will close Feb. 14.

6) At that point, the Productions Team will privately vote on the top 3-5 montages.

7) The top montages will be downloaded and exported to KSI’s YouTube channel to show off and the winning montage submitters will also receive a Forums award for their efforts.

You can compete in as many competitions as you like.

If you have the ability to produce montages with external programs, or you just really like Productions-esque stuff, you can always apply to join the Productions Team.

Ideas and suggestions for montage themes will be welcomes and questions can be asked and answered in the thread on the forums as we move forward with the idea.

We hope you all like this idea and want to participate in these competitions moving forward.

Start compiling those clips!

To go to the Q&A thread pasted above, click here.

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