A Guide to Security Risks and Blacklists

There are key differences between Blacklists and Security Risks in KSI.

Many people often think that Security Risks and Blacklists are the same thing because they are similar. However, the key word there is similar.

There has always been and always will be confusion as to the difference between these two vocabulary words.

Simply put, the key difference is this.

Security Risks are for one division, while the Blacklist stands for all of KSI to follow.

Anyone who is Security Risked in a division, not a single member in that division may have contact with. You may not keep them on your friends lists. Additionally, only the highest ranking member in a division maintains the right to Security Risk anyone from their own division.

The only other people who are capable of carrying out Security Risks are the people who hold ranks above these divisional leaders. Directors, Seniors, and BoD may step in as they see necessary.

Any 7 member of the forums who has Leader’s Access (generals or higher). Conveniently, the information is posted on the forums and is updated as each division sees fit.

Blacklists are much more severe than Security Risks. Not a single person in KSI is to ever contact any Blacklisted member.

Anyone who is Blacklisted, you may not have contact with. You may not keep them on your friends list.

Any leader in KSI, general or higher, has access to a full list of every Blacklisted member and clan. If you ever have any questions about any Blacklisted or Security Risked member, please defer to your divisional 7’s staff.

However, please remember that we, as a community, do maintain the Open Door Policy. Directors, Senior Directors, and the Board of Directors have access to all of this information as well.

Both Blacklisted and Security Risked members can appeal their bans in the KSI Courts, though.

Now, I know reading this must sound super strict. Blacklisting and Security Risking are no fun matters. Divisional Leadership will normally put Security Risks in place to protect people within their division.

Senior Directors and the Board of Directors will put Blacklists in place to protect all of KSI. However, no leader backed by KSI will ever intend to hurt their members by using Security Risks or Blacklists.

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