KSI Newsletter: May 2019

May’s Newsletter is here! Read it, stay informed, and get involved within the community.

What’s up fantastic people! It’s us again. We have a lot of awesome stuff coming at you this month…again. Keep reading for the details.

Let’s get things started off with some Captain America.

You’re welcome.

2019 Divisional Cup

One month down, eight more to go! April’s Div Cup scores indicate a couple good rivalries this year. Here’s the breakdown so far:

Current Div Cup Standings

  • Dark Legions: 62
  • Demonic Mayhem: 61
  • Divine Warriors: 79
  • Eternal Souls: 104
  • Explosive Outlaws: 0
  • Last Strike: 19
  • Sovereign Legacy: 17
  • Wicked Destruction: 55

Congrats to ES and DW for starting off with a bang! There’s definitely time for other div’s to catch up, though. Here’s a snapshot of all the ways members can earn Div Cup points in May:

Divisional Cup Schedule: May 2019

The DOUBLE POINTS category for May is AAP’s “Of The Month’s”! Keep your eye out for nominations to go up and spread the word; the double points category is an easy way to make up some ground if your division got out to a slow start points-wise.

For a detailed explanation of the Div Cup process and all the ways to get involved, please go here: 2019 Divisional Cup Events

2019 KSI Donor & VIP Revamp

The VIP Donors System has been revamped, improved and rolled out. Don’t miss the chance to get involved in the KSI Community like never before!

2019 VIP Donors List Information

Black Ops 4 – Head Hunters Season

The end of the Head Hunters season is long behind us. Now comes the impatiently awaited All Stars game. The All Stars were picked based off a combination of stats taken during the regular HH season. The match will be held at 9pm EST on May 10th. Congratulations to the following All Stars!

  • KSI Dundarrach (DL)
  • KSI Dropshot 7 (DL)
  • KSI Shadowo45 (DL)
  • KSI ShadowV (DL)
  • KSI TrueGhost (DM)
  • KSI Salty Wifi (DM)
  • Infinityhunt (DM)
  • KSI Brownie (DW)
  • KSI Torch096 (ES)
  • ZealousEqualty (ES)
  • KSI Cable (SL)
  • KSI Deimos (WD)
  • KSI LostHyperen (WD)
  • Crispea (WD)
  • Brutal Eraze x (WD)

The Head Hunters Playoffs will start on May 14th at 9 and 10 pm EST. A best of 5 game series is how it will be held, following an NHL like playoffs bracket system! Team set-up goes as follows:

  • Wicked Destruction (1) vs Divine Warriors (6)
  • Dark Legions (2) vs Sovereign Legacy (5)
  • Demonic Mayhem (3) vs Eternal Souls (4)

Congratulations to all teams and members who made it to the finale! For more info on the stats and schedules check out the Head Hunters section of T&E.

2019 Forums Update & Poll

New layout. New sections. New opportunities. Visit the KSI Gaming section to get involved and chat about your favorite Xbox games! Updates, information, tips, LFG’s, gaming companions – it’s all at your fingertips.

Participate in our very first Gaming Area Poll! Let us know what gaming sections you want to see added to the forums. The topic is open through May 12th, so go vote TODAY!

2019 Forums Update Information

KSI Gaming Section

Please get in touch with any of our Web Ops Staff if you have questions about the KSI Gaming area or need more information about the forums!

Department Operations


  • May’s SYTYCW topic is “What’s Your Happy Place?”. Where do you go to relax after a hard day? Is it a physical place? Or do you pick up a hobby for a bit? Share your happy place with the community AND earn points for your division. Head to the News section to post today!

Favorite Rainy Day Stuff Poll

While you’re in the News section, stop in and place your votes in our “Favorite Rainy Day Stuff Poll”. Poll results will be featured in a News article later this month!

Social Media

  • KSI’s second ever Twitter Blitz will start on May 11th and run through May 13th! Come celebrate Mother’s Day while you earn Div Cup points for your division! Participate by adding the KSI Twitter handle – @KSIGlobalGaming – and replying to the Twitter Blitz topic when it goes live. Members will only have three days to earn points for their division by participating.


  • Of The Month’s will post this month! Keep your eyes on the AAP section and be ready to make your nominations!


  • Signature of the Week – SotW is a weekly or biweekly art competition that has varying themes. (The process for the SotW that is currently running is biweekly.) 9 days for entries and 4 for votes. The 5th day is for the winner to decide on the new theme. Normally, we require all artist on the team to attempt and we are trying to encourage the community to get involved whether they make entries or vote. This year, SotW has been added to the Div Cup event roster and the point values are 3 for winning, 2 for entries, and 1 for votes. To get your point for voting you MUST comment and explain why you voted. Keep your eye on the Graphics section for more information!
  • The current SotW deadline is May 5th! Hurry and post!


  • Spotlight Award Nominations – April’s Spotlight Award nominations have started and will be open for two weeks, ending on May 12th at 11:59pm EST. Members can go nominate and earn someone the chance to be interviewed and featured in an article Global! Go to the HSI section for more information!


  • Clips & Montage Event – May’s Clip and Montage Submission Event is open until May 25th. Make sure to post some of your best Clips and Montages to earn your Division points for Div Cup 2019. (When submitting, any content that is currently used on your personal YouTube or contains content under a gamertag that is not yours will not be accepted.) Points Possible Per Member
    • 3 points (1 clip , 1 Montage)
    • 2 Points (2 clips OR 1 Montage)
    • 1 Point ( 1 Clip)
  • Remember this all counts toward participation within the community! If a person submits a clip and a montage they could potentially gain 3 participation points, 1 point for the clip and 2 points for the montage, keep that in mind. So get involved!

Tournaments & Events

Keep your eyes on the T&E section for more Weekend Warfare signups soon!

Performance Operations

Discussion Of The Month

The Discussion of the Month for May is all about Security. This month, we will be taking a closer look at Security and what it really means to us. “What are your thoughts on security?”, “Is the way we do security checks adequate?”, “If you were in charge of Security for the community, how would you operate it?” We would like to hear your opinion and your answers to these questions! Submissions also earn your division points toward the 2019 Div Cup.

For more information about any of these events or about the KSI Newsletter, please message KSI Nebula 7 or KSI December 77.

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